Application Instructions

Please Note:

  • Deadline: The application deadline is NOVEMBER 15th, 2016. Be proactive in your application process and be sure to give your advisors, rector, and academic references plenty of time to submit their information.
  • All students applying to Study Abroad programs must use myNDabroad, the online application system.
  • When logged into the system, please save your work frequently and bookmark the URL.
  • You may apply to a maximum of three programs.

Information Needed for Application: 

  • Semester of choice: Be sure to select your first-choice term for the program to which you are applying. If you are able to attend during an alternate term, please indicate that in the application questionnaire. 
  • Names of the DUS for your major(s) and the advising assistant dean from your college
  • Names of one or two academic references (as required):  Please contact your professors to ask permission before listing them as an academic reference. Once you submit your approval/recommendation request, the requested faculty member will receive a notification email. You may list a non-Notre Dame faculty member by providing his/her name and e-mail address.
  • Name of rector: Once you submit your rector recommendation request, your rector will receive a notification email.
  • Statement of Goals (maximum 300 words): This is the most important element of the application.  Why have you chosen a specific location and what do you hope to achieve during your study abroad?  You can visit the Writing Center for writing consultation.

Additional Information:

DUS Approvals: Applicants other than freshmen must schedule separate meetings with the DUS of their major(s) AND an associate/assistant dean. Be prepared to articulate your proposed plans to study abroad in terms of your academic goals. During or after the meetings, your DUS and dean will complete the online academic approval form. Please be aware that most schools and colleges set deadlines for granting approvals.

Applying to Multiple Programs: Students are encouraged to apply to multiple programs. Those who do will be asked to rank them AFTER the application deadline. 

After Submitting: Please check your application page frequently to make sure all references and academic approvals have been received. We are unable to evaluate your application file until all materials have been received. Our office will send decision letters to applicants in due course.