Exchange Programs

The University of Notre Dame seeks to build sustainable, multidimensional relationships that enhance opportunities for the Notre Dame community to study, research, and teach abroad while allowing the University to host international students and scholars on its campus through exchanges.

All inquiries regarding institutional collaborations between Notre Dame and academic institutions, corporations, government, non-governmental or non-profit organizations should be directed to Catherine Wilson, Executive Administrator to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Internationalization. Inquiries regarding student exchange programs should be directed to Amber Li, Manager of American Summer Programs and Exchange Programs, or Lisa-Marie Shroyer, Program Coordinator.

If you are a Notre Dame student and wish to learn more about exchange programs, please visit our Study Abroad programs search page and review the programs identified as exchange programs. 

Notre Dame International routes queries regarding institutional collaborative agreements with entities all over the world, and supports faculty, departments, or schools and colleges in establishing collaborations with colleagues in other countries. The primary means by which Notre Dame International facilitates these collaborative agreements are exchanges and Global Engagement Programs.