Outward Bound Leadership Experience

Greater China Scholars have the opportunity to participate in the one-week Outward Bound Program in the summer before their first year at Notre Dame. The wilderness adventure, challenging both physically and mentally, is designed to develop scholars’ outdoor survival skills, leadership capacity and the ability to work with others. By participating in the Program with other merit scholars at Notre Dame, the Greater China Scholars have the opportunity to develop friendships before their first semester at Notre Dame.

Yixian Fu Photo

Yixian Fu is a first-year scholar double-majoring in biological sciences and music performance. During Summer 2017, the summer before coming to Notre Dame, she joined the Outward Bound Program and went canoeing in Boundary Waters at U.S. northern border. Together with other merit scholars at Notre Dame, she emerged herself in backcountry, learned and mastered canoeing, portaging 70-pound boat on her own, camping, making fire, and dealing with emergency situations like boats tipping over. Through nature, she further understood the meaning of life during solo time and group sharing time, and built a strong relationship with fellow teammates.

"The most memorable moment was when we woke up 2a.m. to paddle. In the silent darkness we journeyed on towards the sky gradually staining with the iridescent color. At that precise moment the sun rose, our hearts were filled with living passion. We gave thanks silently to our beloved people and realized that we were stronger than we had thought." --Yixian 'Ashlee' Fu, Class of 2021