London I.T. Support

DSS IT Tech Support: Rich Jervis
Room 4.11, Fischer Hall
Email: londonit@nd.eduTel: 020 7484 7841
Twitter: @ND_LondonIT (follow for live updates regarding I.T. issues in Fischer Hall and Conway Hall)

London Internet Access Policy

The primary purpose of providing internet access at Fischer Hall is to allow faculty and students to access the Internet for research and studying purposes, to provide access to web-based email and to use messaging applications for communication.
The use of file sharing clients such as LimeWire, Kazaar or any other ‘BitTorrent’ based clients is not permitted. Anyone found to be using such software applications will have their internet access revoked.
Please be advised that wireless internet access is provided through a shared connection. Users are required to act with responsibility and consideration towards other users in the building. For example, please avoid downloading very large files such as movies and TV programs as this will adversely affect the wireless network experience of other students and faculty.
The London Program reserves the right to revoke network access to anyone found to be involved in criminal internet activity or excessive downloading that impacts the internet experience of other users. If your computer is found to have a virus and you do not take care of it, your access to the network will be blocked.

JANET Acceptable Use Policy

In addition to the above stated policy, Internet access is provided to Fischer Hall through an agreement with JANET which is a network dedicated to the needs of research and education in the U.K.
Students, faculty and staff who utilize internet access agree to Fischer Hall internet access policy and to JANET’s acceptable use policy. The policy can be found at the following link:

Before you leave

  • Register your netid at You only need to do this once. If you forgot to opt-in before you left campus find someone who is already connected and use their computer or contact Rich Jervis. 
  • If you have Windows XPVista, or Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) please upgrade before you leave.
  • Pick up an inexpensive USB drive.

How to Access Wi-Fi at Fischer Hall and Conway Hall

  • • Choose 'ND-Guest' and log in with your netid and password.
    • Go to and follow the prompts through the installer. If you have any problems contact Rich Jervis.
Tip: You can also use the ‘eduroam’ network. Log into it as and your usual password. See notes below for details.

Printing via email in Fischer Hall

There is a fast and easy way to get a single copy of your printout without installing any drivers. If you just want one B/W duplexed copy of a PDFOffice file, or JPG try this:

  • Compose an email addressed to
  • Attach the document you want to print (This works for PDFs, Office docs and jpgs.)
  • Hit Send
  • After a few minutes you should get an email back from sp16print asking you to confirm your email address. Reply back with the info requested.
  • Wait a few minutes more and you should get second email saying your job is being processed.
  • Go to a printer and release it as normal. You can make copies at the printer when you pick it up.

Tip: This only works for printers in Fischer Hall but you should be able to use any email enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet.

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Printing in Conway Hall and Fischer Hall

These instructions will let you print to the ground, second, and third floors of Conway Hall and all the printers in Fischer. You will manage your printouts on a web page similar to Print@ND. If you want to set up the other printers see the instructions here.  

Windows 7 Setup:

  • Connect to NDsecure
  • Click on Start, then ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Click on ‘Add a printer’ near the top of the window.
  • Choose ‘Add a network or shared printer.’
  • Click on ‘The printer I want isn’t listed.’
  • Next click ‘Browse.’
  • Type in: \\\ConwayPrinters   (no spaces, case sensitive)
  • Click on ‘Select’
  • Click on ‘Use another account.’
  • Eenter your netid like this: U\netid
  • Enter your password as normal. DO NOT check the ‘Remember credentials’ box!
  • Click on ‘Next.’
  • Eventually you should get a ‘successfully installed’ message.
  • Click on Next.
  • Click on Finish.
  • Repeat these steps and replace 'ConwayPrinters' with 'FollowYou'

Use this web page to manage your printouts:

If you have problems in Conway try to add printers manually.

Windows 8/10 Setup:

  • Connect to NDsecure
  • Choose Start, then Settings, Devices, Add Printer & Scanners
  • Click on ‘the printer I want isn’t listed.’
  • Select ‘shared printer’ and then click ‘Browse.’
  • Type in: \\\ConwayPrinters
  • Click on ‘Select’
  • Click on ‘Use another account.’
  • Eenter your netid like this: U\netid
  • Enter your password as normal. DO NOT check the ‘Remember credentials’ box!
  • Click on ‘Next.’
  • Eventually you should get a ‘successfully installed’ message. Click on Finish.
  • Repeat these steps and replace 'ConwayPrinters' with 'FollowYou'

Use this web page to manage your printouts:

If you have problems in Conway try to add printers manually.

MacBook Setup:

  • Go to System Preferences under the Apple menu and open Printers/Scanners.
  • Click on the small + sign in the lower left corner of the window.
  • Control-Click on the Toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar.”
  • Drag the Advanced icon onto the toolbar, then click on it.

Macbook Setup

  • Set the Type to "Windows printer via spoolss"
  • For the Address please enter smb:\\\ConwayPrinters (no spaces, case sensitive)
  • In the Name field, type ConwayPrinters
  • For Location, use Conway Hall.
  • In the box marked USE choose ‘Generic PCL’ (NOT ‘Generic PS!)
  • Click OK
  • Click Add
  • Check the box for ‘Duplex.’
  • Click OK
  • For the box marked Default, choose A4.
  • Repeat these steps and replace 'ConwayPrinters' with 'FollowYou'

Use this web page to manage your printouts:

Note: If your mac says the installer won't work for you download this file and load it by using 'other' in the "USE" menu.

If you want to know more visit this website.

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Picking up your printing

Your printout is held in a queue until you visit one of the printers in Fischer Hall and release it. There is a one-time registration process after which you will just need to scan your door card/sticker to retrieve your printing:

  • Scan your door card or sticker on the reader at the front of the printer. It will say 'unknown card' and ask you to register it.
  • Type in your netid and password. (The shift key will stick so press it again when doing capitals.)
  • You will get a confirmation that the card is now assigned to your netid.
  • Scan your card again and it will show you the print jobs that you can now print or cancel.

If you want to know more visit this website.

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Computer Lab Usage

  • Please log out but do not shut down lab computers.
  • The library is configured with multiple network jacks if you need a direct connection.
  • Please DO NOT disconnect any computer/wifi connections in our buildings!
  • Lab and classroom computers can be taken out of service or offline for updating at any time and without prior announcement.
  • Remember you are responsible for your own data. It’s a good idea to get a USB drive to save your work. If you have any problems using the printers or wifi contact the IT Manager. Fischer Hall staff cannot retrieve or restore any files for you.

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Where to find the labs

There are study spaces and a printer available on each floor of Conway Hall and Wi-Fi in most places in the building. There are no computer labs or scanning facilities at Conway Hall.

In Fischer Hall the Junior Common Room/Student lounge area is in the basement. There are two computers and a printer. The Undergraduate Library contains four computers and two printers.


About the EduRoam Consortium

The University of Notre Dame is part of the Eduroam consortium. 
This service enables members of the Notre Dame community who visit another institution that uses eduroam to automatically use Wi-Fi at that location based on their ND credentials. Similarly, visitors from institutions that participate in eduroam can use guest wireless access at Notre Dame’s buildings in London using their home institution account information.
Many London-based universities are part of the eduroam consortium, so this can open up a number of free Wi-Fi locations for you.
Eduroam maintains a list of who is currently part of this consortium which you may find useful in travel planning.
The 'eduroam companion’ app is also available for iOS and Android. This app helps users to locate their nearest eduroam point by visualizing the central database of eduroam-enabled facilities on a map and provides information that the user will need in order to connect to the service. The iOS version can be downloaded free from iTunes. The Android version is now available from a number of sources, including the Google Play Store. You can select eduroam from the available Wi-Fi choices on your device. When prompted for your Net ID, be sure to enter it as or your eduroam profile will not work at other institutions.
Additionally, the utility was updated on June 11, 2012 to add the configuration for eduroam. If you've run the utility previously, you'll need to do so again to ensure the latest is applied to your device. 
Visit the Eduroam website for additional information.


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