Medical Services

The nearest emergency room to Conway Hall and Fischer Hall is St. Thomas’ Hospital Accident and Emergency. It is just a short walk from Conway Hall (once on hospital premises, follow the red A&E signs). University College Hospital in Bloomsbury is also close to Fischer Hall (approximately 20 minutes by taxi).  
A student counselor, Caryn Nuttall, holds drop-in office hours in Fischer Hall for 2 sessions a month.  She also has a private practice, accessible through students' HTH health insurance.  For more information, please see the Student Community Life page.

Medical Services near Fischer Hall

Boots is primarily a pharmacy (over the counter and prescriptions) that also sells toiletries, makeup, travel accessories, and snacks. If you need medical advice but do not wish to see a doctor, Boots pharmacists are qualified to assess your symptoms and provide information or non-prescription medication. It is located just off Trafalgar Square on the Strand. There is another smaller Boots just inside Charing Cross station.
Superdrug on the Strand is similar to Boots selling toiletries, makeup, travel accessories and snacks. This store is also equipped with a pharmacy.
You will notice many other branches of Boots and Superdrug around the U.K. Not all stores have pharmacies within them. Independent pharmacies are usually located on high streets or near medical centers.

Medical Services near Conway Hall

There are 2 Boots stores with pharmacies near Conway Hall.  One is located inside Waterloo Station between platforms 11 and 12, and the other is on Lower Marsh Street.