London Undergraduate Programs FAQs

When will I find out my flat allocation in Conway Hall?

You will be notified of flat allocations before arriving in London.

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Can I get into my flat before the semester starts?

No.  In case of extenuating circumstances, contact Geraldine Meehan ( in the Office of International Studies at the start of you application process to seek permission.  The London Undergraduate Program rector, Joshua Copeland (, should also be notified.

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Can I stay in my flat after the semester ends?
No. The flats are closed on the day of departure so if you wish to stay afterward you must arrange your own accommodation. The rectors will notify you before the end of semester of the time by which flats must be vacated.

What are my options for storing luggage during and after the semester?
If you are departing London later than the scheduled date, you will be able to store your luggage for a limited time in the Fischer Hall locker rooms, at your own risk. You will be notified of storage dates towards the end of semester.

There are also luggage storage facilities in major London train stations and airports. Please note that you will be charged for this service.

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Will my laptop charger work in the U.K.?
British electrical outlets run on 220-240 volts. British plugs are larger than American plugs and have three flat prongs.
Most laptops run on direct current, so they come with transformers that convert alternating current into direct current. If you look on the power supply that came with your laptop, you will see (probably in very small print) some specifications concerning an input voltage range.
If your power supply indicates that it can accept an input voltage range from 100 to 240 volts, then you do not need to buy a new transformer to use your laptop in London. All you will need is a U.S. to U.K. plug adapter. Experience has shown that some adapters bought in the U.S. do not work in the U.K., so we recommend that you purchase one in the U.K. from a pharmacy or electronics store.

If your power supply can accept an input voltage range of only 100-120 volts, then you will need to buy a power transformer as well. These can be purchased at an electronics store (preferably in the U.K.) or at an airport.

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How will healthcare work for me in London?
The first and simplest solution for a basic illness (cold, flu, general stomach issues, etc.) is to consult a trained pharmacist at a nearby Boots pharmacy.  These professionals can help fill the role of a walk-in nurse to advise on whether further medical attention is required, or to provide medication to manage moderate symptoms.
If you need to see a doctor, this can be arranged free of charge to you through your HTH travel insurance.  You can either contact HTH via phone or email to make an appointment, or book directly with an 'in-network' doctor found on the HTH website. If you do book directly, you will still need to contact HTH to arrange a 'Guarantee of Payment' to be sent to that doctor's office before your appointment to avoid any charges to you. The same goes for a visit to the Princess Grace Urgent Care Centre.

In the event of a legitimate emergency, you will receive whatever treatment is required in any Emergency department. The emergency number in the U.K. is 999, and 112 on the European continent. Should you or a friend be involved in a medical emergency, please contact the rector or a member of staff as soon as possible, so that assistance and support can be provided.

Find out more information on the Medical Services page of our website.

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Is there a room in Fischer Hall that I can book for interviews?

Yes, there are 2 rooms in Fischer Hall that can be booked for interviews by contacting the LUP office (  Both rooms have a computer with Skype and a phone line.  Please note that the phone can only take incoming calls.

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Can I call the U.S. from a phone in Fischer Hall?

No, you will have to use your own mobile (cell) phone to call the U.S.  Alternatively, use Skype - it has great international rates from 1.8p/minute to call landlines and mobile phones.

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Can I borrow any camping equipment?
Yes, rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, and other items of equipment are available to borrow.  Please contact the LUP office ( for details and to make a request.