Rome Seminar 2018

University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway Rome Seminar

June 18 – July 7, 2018


Phoca Thumb L Foto CensuraPicture from Biblioteca Casanatense

This seminar is designed to introduce graduate students from across the humanities to the unique primary sources available in Rome. Working hands on with materials in some of the city’s archives and libraries, students will be exposed to the rich potential of a wide range of sources produced from 1100 to 1750. Seminar meetings will be held at the Vatican Apostolic Library, the Biblioteca Casanatense, the Biblioteca Nazionale, and the Archivio di Stato (state archives), and elsewhere. Practical skills for using non-textual primary sources like works of art and architecture will also be taught. 

The seminar will also include a series of presentations by senior scholars who will discuss how they have collected and interpreted Roman primary sources in their own research.


Practical Information


Each successful applicant will receive a stipend of up to $3500 to defray travel costs, housing, and meals in Rome. Participants will also receive a pass for Rome’s public transportation system. 

Phoca Thumb L Foto Globo TerrestrePicture from Biblioteca Casanatense


We welcome applications from students from any discipline at any stage in their graduate education. To be eligible to apply, you must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program. The focus of your research need not be Rome but you should have an interest in developing that research through the use of primary sources located in the city. Examples of potential topics like this include the rich collections of medieval Old Norse manuscripts in the Vatican Library or the trove of materials about early modern China in the same collection.   


Our base of operations will be the University of Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway. One block from the Coliseum, the 32,000 square-foot Gateway serves as a center for research and teaching in the Eternal City. More information can be found here.


This seminar is made possible by generous support from Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, the Vice President for Research, Italian Studies at Notre Dame, and Notre Dame International.


How to apply


Statement of interest: In a brief statement, please address the questions below. Your statement should be no longer than two pages, double-spaced in 11- or 12-point font. 


How do you think primary sources will enrich your development as a scholar? Are there particular kinds of primary-source evidence about which you would like to learn? What attracts you to this seminar? What do you think you can contribute?


Letter of recommendation: Please ask your graduate advisor or another professor who can speak to your academic accomplishments to write a letter in support of your application. This letter should be sent directly by the referee to Prof. Heather Hyde Minor, Academic Director of Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, via email at


How to submit an application: A completed Rome Seminar Application Form and statement of interest should be formatted as a single PDF file. The file should be sent to Prof. Heather Hyde Minor, Academic Director of Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway at Your letter of reference should be sent directly by your recommender under separate cover to the same email address. 


Deadline: All application materials must be received by March 2, 2018. Incomplete applications will not be considered.