Seminars, Book Presentations and Workshops

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The RGG develops and promotes a wealth of cultural and academic initiatives open to the ND community as well as the scholarly and general public in Rome.


RGG Research in Progress

This seminar series is an informal forum for the presentation and discussion of work "in progress" by faculty, visiting fellows and graduate students associated with the Rome Gateway. It aims at fostering local discussion of various research projects and interests. Past meetings featured Denis RobichaudSelena Anders and Matteo Binasco.

Book Presentations

The RGG organizes and hosts book launches of renowned authors from a variety of fields. Most recently, in 2015 and 2016, works by Jane TylusBarry McCrea and Dana Prescott have been featured.

OVI Videoconference Seminars 2017

Series of seminars, hosted by Italian Studies at Notre Dame in partnership with the CNR Institute Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI), which examines the textual traditions of ancient Italy, focusing on specific geographical areas, including Tuscany, Central Italy, the Veneto, and Southern Italy. Further information about the seminar series may be found hereDownload Poster 2017


Cambridge Vertical Readings

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy is a four-year long series of workshops and public lectures organized by the Department of Italian at Cambridge in collaboration with the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies. The lectures explore the “vertical” connections between cantos of the same number across all three canticles. Scholars and students at Cambridge, Leeds and Notre Dame participate in workshops on single cantos via teleconference before each lecture. Beginning in the fall 2014, the Rome Global Gateway has joined this conversation via teleconference with the participation of Professors Ted Cachey and Luca Marcozzi of the Università di Roma Tre and other scholars and researchers from Roma Tre and the University of Rome La Sapienza. Click here for further information.

Roma, Geografie Reali e Immaginarie

The Archivio di Stato and the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway presented a series of seminars entitled Roma, Geografie reali e immaginarie – Rome, real and imaginary geographies. The series brought together experts in world literature to discuss and debate cultural, religious, political, and social issues.

List of speakers for 2014-2015: Eugenio Lo Sardo, Filippo Coarelli, Ingrid Rowland, Valerio Magrelli, Peter Stein.