For Faculty & Staff

The following resources are for faculty and staff involved in supporting the needs of Notre Dame students who are interested in studying abroad.

International Studies Online Application System

Please select the appropriate link below to enter. You will need your NET ID and password to log-on to the system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Student Study Abroad Applications are due by midnight, November 15.  Supporting Materials listed below are due by December 1 with the exception of the FYS Advisor.


MODULE                      ROLE ACTION
Academic References
  • Faculty or staff writing an academic reference for a student applying to study abroad
Write an academic reference
Academic Approvals
  • Major and Undergrad Advisors
  • Associate and Assistant Deans (AL, BA, ENG, SC)
Submit an academic approval
Rectors Reference
  • Dorm rectors writing a rector reference for a student applying to study abroad
Write a rector reference
File Reader
  • File Readers
Read files 
FYS Advisor
  • First Year of Studies Advisors

Submit a First Year of Studies evaluation

Faculty Opportunities and Resources
Resources for On-Site Directors