London, United Kingdom

Situated in one of the world's largest, most diverse, and cosmopolitan cities, the London Undergraduate Program (LUP) provides Notre Dame undergraduates with a unique environment in which to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons. Each semester 130 undergraduates participate in the program at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway, situated at the heart of the major historic, governmental, cultural, royal, and entertainment districts of London. (View Video)

Academic Program

Fischer Hall, the majestic Edwardian building at Trafalgar Square, houses the University of Notre Dame’s London Program. Nearly all courses in the London Program are taught in Fischer Hall. To learn more about Fischer Hall’s excellent facilities, visit the London Global Gateway website which contains photos of the building and provides useful information about its facilities and services. Additionally, the centre includes the LUP Library with a rich array of resources and academic student support services.


British scholars, artists, and writers whose work is internationally recognized teach most courses. Many hold faculty positions at major British universities. Others, especially members of our fine arts faculty, are noted experts in their field, working as composers, critics, and curators in the disciplines within which they teach.  Additionally, one or two Notre Dame professors come from the home campus each semester to teach in the LUP. (View Faculty Profiles)

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Students select from a large number of courses that deal with various aspects of London's global connection and with British society in both its historical and contemporary manifestations. Courses in many disciplines are offered including some courses specifically designed to meet the needs of students in interdisciplinary minors and concentrations. A variety of courses satisfy university and major requirements or contribute towards the International Business Certificate.  In addition, the program offers a wide range of internships, and supports students who undertake independent study. An intensive three-week 1-credit core course – Inside London - has been designed to immerse students, intellectually and materially, in London as a great global city, past and present.

For a list of the courses that have been offered at the London Global Gateway, please visit the Courses site.  For details of the classes on offer in Spring 14, see Prospectus of Courses.

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Special Opportunities

Students can undertake co-curricular activities for academic credit while they are in London to deepen their experience of British culture, expand their intellectual horizons, and develop their career prospects. Such activities may include:


Internships are an important means by which students integrate themselves into British society in a positive and meaningful way while they are on the London Program. Internships teach students how to acquire knowledge through work experience, apply theoretical concepts in practical situations, and gain self-knowledge regarding personal skills and career ambitions. Internships are also an important way in which students can enhance their resumes. The internship program is constantly expanding.

Independent Study Projects

Independent study projects give students the opportunity to investigate London's unrivaled intellectual, artistic, and cultural resources. These projects may subsequently form the basis of a term paper or a senior thesis once the student has returned to campus. They can also help students with their applications for post-baccalaureate grants such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright and Gates scholarships, as well as graduate school applications. Students should consult with a departmental advisor to arrange for independent study.

Community-Based Learning

London students have the opportunity to take a community-based course called Developmental Disabilities: Integrating Theory and Practice  (PSY 44370).

The course is based at Drumbeat School, a school for young pupils with severe learning disabilities. Each week, students spend time with pupils and professionals in classrooms. Students also have opportunities to meet with parents and families of young people with disabilities.

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Housing and Meals

Students live in self-contained flats in a secure building, Conway Hall which is located on the South Bank in Central London. Each flat has a fully equipped kitchen. Students can cook for themselves or take advantage of the diverse dining opportunities that London offers. (Learn more about Conway Hall)

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Site Calendar

The London Undergraduate Program operates on a similar calendar to the Notre Dame academic calendar. Fall semester begins in late August and ends in mid-December. Spring semester begins in early to mid-January and ends in mid-May.

A calendar of student events currently taking place in London can be found on the London Global Gateway website.

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Students in all colleges are eligible to participate in the London Undergraduate Program during their junior year.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 is recommended.

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Health and Safety


All program participants are provided with worldwide health insurance from the time of the group departure from the United States until the program departure date. The cost of insurance is included in the program fees with coverage provided by HTH Worldwide. For more detailed information, please visit the HTH website at

Participating students are required to submit a health questionnaire that is completed and signed by the student and a health care provider.  The provider can be a member of the University Health Services staff or your family physician.


Embassy Registration:  The Office of International Studies requires participants to register with the Department of State at so that the US Embassy or Consulate abroad can assist or communicate with the student in time of need.

Specific consular information about the United Kingdom is available at LUP staff onsite provide information pertinent to the site during the orientation period and support the health and safety of students throughout their stay.

Personal Property Insurance

You may want to consider insurance coverage for your personal belongings. In many instances, homeowner’s insurance may not extend coverage for personal belongings while traveling abroad. There may also be limitations, restrictions or high deductibles on the amount of coverage provided. One option to insure your belongings is to purchase low cost Student Personal Property Insurance coverage provided by Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. Coverage is provided worldwide on a replacement cost basis for personal property you own or is entrusted to you by a parent or guardian. An HFC Brochure is available through the Risk Management and Safety Department by calling 631-5037.

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Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

It is almost impossible to summarize all the cultural and recreational opportunities available in a city as culturally, artistically, and socially diverse as London. Nevertheless, there are some excellent guides which attempt to do so.

The Londoner's "bible" is a weekly publication known as Time Out. This appears each Wednesday and contains the most comprehensive listing, together with reviews, of events going on across the city.  Another excellent resource is the Londonist website.  It gives daily listings of what is going on in London and has a useful "free and cheap" events section.  On Thursdays, London's daily evening newspaper, The Evening Standard, produces an excellent guide to what's on during the forthcoming weekend. In their Saturday editions, many of the quality newspapers, such as The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Independent, produce supplements providing useful listings of events in London for the forthcoming week. This is London is a general information website provided by the Evening Standard with links to theatre, music and clubs in and around London. 

The London Global Gateway has a blog aimed at new and prospective students, which provides handy tips, information on things to do and places to go, life as a Londoner, and more!  Hear from staff, previous and current students, faculty, and alumni.

LUP librarian Alice Tyrell is a born-and-bred Londoner, and she maintains a London-focused blog as Miss Alice.

See a listing of other entertainment opportunities.

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