Photo Contest

International Studies Fifteenth Annual Photo Contest

The Submission Deadline for the Fifteenth Annual International Studies Photo Contest is October 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

Students returning from international study bring back treasured photographs to show family and friends and to remind themselves of their experience abroad. We've seen many of these in the International Studies. We would like to see more and would like others to see them as well. To this end, International Studies sponsors the Annual International Studies Photography Contest.


Photographs provide more than a static visual record of where we've been and what we've seen. Snapshots or 'high art,' photographic imagery engages us in active thinking about experiences, events, people and places. An image may evoke powerful memories of sensations and emotions: the "aha" moment in learning; the awe of an Easter sunrise mass overlooking Jerusalem; the exhilaration of looking down on Machu Picchu with friends after a long, hot climb; the sensation of snowflakes hitting one's eyelashes on a winter evening in Prague; the rich smell of incense and burning candles in St. Peter's. Even the viewer who was not "there" at the time is invited to share in these experiences.

We hope that alums of Notre Dame's International Study Programs are encouraged to reflect on their learning and experiences abroad when they look at these images. We also hope that prospective applicants to International Studies programs are inspired by the experiences they represent.

Submissions are judged by a committee composed of students and International Studies staff. The grand prize winner winner for "The Essence of Study Abroad" will win $100; winners in other contest categories will be awarded a $50 check, and their photographs will be posted to our website. This is a great opportunity to provide the Notre Dame community with a visual glimpse into your experience abroad.


Who may participate?

Any current Notre Dame student who participated in an off-campus program through International Studies, including summer programs.  Students who have submitted photographs to a previous International Studies Photo Contest may not submit photos again.

What criteria will be used for judging submissions?

Photographs will be judged on the basis of their relevance to the contest category and their technical and artistic merit (exposure, composition, etc.). Please pay close attention to these categories; you cannot enter the same photo in more than one category.

How many photographs can I submit?

Please do not submit more than one photo for the same category.  Also, do not submit the same picture for more than one category - if you do, it will not be considered for either.

What is the required format of submissions?

You must fill out and sign the International Studies photo submission form and include it with your photographs. Color and black/white prints may be submitted in any size up to 8x10. Digital media are encouraged if they arrive as "jpeg" files, but a submission form must be filled out and signed. Other formats may be accepted upon consultation with International Studies staff.

In addition to the International Studies photo submission form, please make sure that your name and the program you attended is visible on the back of each print submitted and that you identify the category to which the print is being submitted. We encourage you to label the photos with Post-it notes or adhesive labels to avoid writing on the back.

Prints should be submitted in envelopes; multiple entries may be placed in a single envelope. Please make sure your envelope is large enough to protect all of your prints; panoramic formats are liable to be damaged if in too small an envelope. Digital images may be submitted on CD-ROMs, flash drives, or as attachments to e-mail, however you must also complete, sign, and turn in a submission form. This submission form can be scanned and e-mailed with your pictures, or you can mail it to 105 Main Building.

When handing in your electronic files they must be individually labeled as follows:

  1. Category #
  2. Last Name, First Initial
  3. Your OIS Program of Participation
  4. Location of photo with a brief description
  5. (Example) Category1_Doe, J_London_ND student addresses the crowd at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London

Can I only submit photographs taken at the International Studies site that I attended?

No, but judges will definitely be seeking quality photographs from these sites.

Can I get my photographs back?

Yes, the International Studies office will send them back to you ,or you can pick them up after the results of the competition are announced.

What is the deadline, and where do I submit my photographs?

The deadline for submissions is October 18, 2013 at 5:00pm. Please bring your photographs and submission form to the International Studies Office at 105 Main Building. Contest entries, along with a completed entry form, can be e-mailed to the International Studies office at

What are the photo contest categories?


  1. GRAND PRIZE:  The Essence of Study Abroad: Academic and Cultural Learning Experiences Abroad ($100)   Show us what and how you learned!
  2. Most Creative/Artistic ($50)
  3. International Friendships ($50)
  4. A Sense of History ($50)
  5. Most Picturesque ($50)