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Inviting Guests to Campus

Please note that this guidance is not exhaustive; we encourage you to contact us to discuss the visit so that we can review the purpose of the visit and the needs of your guest(s) in order to provide all relevant advice.

Meeting Requests

Notre Dame International can serve as the coordinating office for international visitors requesting meetings with multiple university units or departments, including university leadership. Please complete the International Visitor Request Form a minimum of three weeks in advance of the proposed visit date. This does not guarantee the availability of the proposed date or the availability of senior leadership during a visit.

Campus Escorts

The hosting department should plan to escort the visitor(s) during their time on campus to assist with finding locations of meetings, meals, and other scheduled events. If assistance is needed for this task, or if special considerations such as protocol support or security support are required, Notre Dame International may be able to provide additional escorts for the guest.


The hosting department should prepare a detailed itinerary including the following details, provided in advance of arrival to your visitor(s):

For each scheduled meeting or event,

  • Time
  • Location
  • Description of the meeting or event
  • List of attendees with attached biographies
  • Expected attire (if applicable)
  • Agenda (if applicable)

The itinerary should also include contact information for a responsible party.

NDI Services

  • Consultation on letters of invitation:
    • Formal letters of invitations to establish purpose of visit, including understanding any sponsorship/payment arrangements
    • Letters for the purpose of visa application requirements
  • Consultation on planning of visits:
    • Identifying appropriate dates
    • Review of protocol requirements/planning due to the level/status of the visitor(s)
    • Review of security requirements/planning due to the level/status of the visitor(s)
    • Event coordination with the host campus unit
    • Gift planning for visitors in accordance with cultural customs
    • Cultural background preparation for campus hosts
    • Preparation of itineraries, briefing packets
    • Preparation and execution of formal signing ceremonies
    • Assistance with identifying/hiring interpreters if needed to facilitate communication

Protocol for International Visitors

Hosting international visitors requires attention to the rules of protocol in order to successfully develop and maintain relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

Protocol includes rules that are cross-cultural, and not subject to change based on the passage of time or situational shifts. Additionally, protocol determines how courtesies and honors are applied in interactions between individuals and institutions to facilitate strategic objectives. Areas of protocol include:

  • Rules of precedence, impacting matters including but not limited to:
    • Introductions
    • Seating
    • Photographs
    • Speaking order
    • Transportation
  • Forms of address, both written and spoken
  • Flag protocol
  • Official gifts

Notre Dame International can also advise on other areas of interaction that convey cross-cultural awareness in hosting and interacting with your international guests:

  • Understanding cultural dimensions for communications and work preferences
  • Handshakes and eye contact across cultures
  • Business card exchanges
  • Dining etiquette


For questions on inviting an international delegation or high-level visitor to campus, please contact Catherine Wilson, protocol, stewardship and partnerships program director for Notre Dame International, at +1 (574) 631-1151 or via email.

International Visitor Request Form