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Program Member Biographies

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Lilach Agra 

I am thirty nine. I am married to Har'el and we have two daughters: Yuval (12) and Amit (10), and one son, Yoni (5). We live in Kibbutz Eilon in the Western Galilee, in the north of Israel. I was born in Jerusalem. I came to the kibbutz in 2000 when I finished my military service to work as a social instructor for a group of kids coming from a problematic social background in the boarding school. I met my husband in the kibbutz and we have lived here since then.

In 2001 I was certified as a tour guide and since then I have been guiding school trips all over Israel for all school ages. Between 2003 and 2016, I worked in addition as a tour-guiding coordinator in one of the major touring companies in Israel (Egged tours). In 2004, I got certified as a group-guide for tours abroad. In 2011 I got my BA degree in geography from the University of Haifa. In 2015 I started my current job as the producer/coordinator of all cultural activities, events, and holidays of the kibbutz community. I like traveling all over the country and abroad, and hanging out with my family and friends. I joined the Women Leading a Dialogue group because I felt this is the least I can do to make a small change with a bad situation here in Israel. I wanted to meet women like me from other cultures and know them better

Eynat Amar

I was born and raised in Shavei Tsion, a moshav in the north of Israel, on the coast. I am 42 years old, married to Avi. I have three children, two girls and one boy. Amit is 15, Maor - the boy - is 13, and Eli is six years old. When I served my mandatory army service, I was based in the Golan Heights for three years. I studied education in France. I then worked for Club Med for eight years in France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. I was the first ever Israeli manager for Club Med. I really loved the opportunity that I was afforded to meet people from all over the world.

For the last ten years, I worked as the senior teacher in a Kibbutz kindergarten. For the last three years, I raised funds in Germany for Holocaust survivors who stay at a recreational center in Shavei Tsion. A little under a year ago I lost my dear mother and I decided to dedicate my life to doing things that I love and things that will make others happy. I decided to become and event planner. I love weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. I volunteer in Shavei Tsion. I help organizing events and holidays (Tsdaka). As I previously said, I love meeting people from different cultures. This is why I joined the Dialogue group and it has changed my life.

Eynat Barzilay

I am 52 years old, from Rama Yishay, Israel. I am married to Izhak, the mother of four boys and one girl, and the grandmother of a baby girl. I own a company, work with groups and individuals, and for 10 years have been a senior life coach and lecturer.

My education and experience includes a human resources administration degree from the Technion, as well as a BA in business administration from Derby University. I am a senior life coach from the "Office of life coaches in Israel," as well as an empowerment workshops lecturer. I specialize in working with groups and individuals on life coaching, business, and enterprise, as well as accompanying processes and procedures.

I am the owner of a group of trainers and a lecturer following various fields. What distinguishes us is the concept of "training as a way of life." A way of life of awareness, choice and responsibility. Aw ay of life that deals primarily in the here and now and the future. Not forgetting the past, but not stopping it. I believe that any person has all the resources to achieve its goals and life a life of fulfillment and happiness. I train to achieve our goals in life, but at the same time to enjoy the way and who we are.

I offer a variety of activities to organizations and individuals: customized activity that includes personal training, group training, staff training, specialized training, long term training, and support managers. Each program is adjusted according to the needs of the organization.

I believe in learning and in doing so all the training and learning courses combine intellectual (lectures) and experiential learning (experience).

Danit Ron Bornstein

I was born in Bustan Hagalil, a small moshav in the Western Galilee. AFter my military service, I studied Biology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and worked as a lab technician in a fertility clinic. This job gave me great satisfaction. I loved helping people achieve the greatest dream of all.

In 1990, I joined my husband for his residency at The University of Maryland in Baltimore. Together we raised two wonderful children: Sheeri (26) and Gal (24). I am so proud to see them becoming independent and sensitive young adults.

I returned to Israel and to Bustan Hagalil in January 2015. I found a job in a new field, one that helps me utilize the English I acquired while living in the US, and also maintaining a connection with the United States. In Partnership, I am the Medical Task Force coordinator as well as the coordinator of the Women Leading a Dialogue program. I am also in charge of social media and our newsletter.

I especially enjoy this program of Women Leading a Dialogue. It allows me to practice what I preach: living together peacefully with our neighbors, sharing happy as well as sad times.

Eileen Lillian Fisher Greenberg

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I arrived in Israel in 1995. I came as a volunteer to Kibbutz Evron which is in the North Coast of Israel. I worked for a decade in the Kibbutz factory, "Bermad," as a seminar organizer. I later studied in Ramat Gan for three years to become a Dental Hygenist. I work in two Dental Clinics and I also work for the Ministry of Health as a teacher in five different schools. I teach about oral hygiene and general health.

I have four children, three daughters and one son: Tia, a nineteen-year-old soldier in the Israeli Airforce, Zoe, a seventeen-year-old in her last year of high school, Shae, my ten-year-old son, and Alexa, my six-year-old. I am married to Shahar, a farm manager and international consultant for avocado and pomegranate orchards.

I really enjoy being part of the "Women Leading a Dialogue" group because it affords me the opportunity to get to know wonderful women from all parts of the Israeli society. I feel that this group will help us break down our defenses and to becomes friends. I know that we are only twenty women but we need to start somewhere.

Ruha Hatan

I am 35 years old. I am married to Tamir and we have two daughters: Noya (8 years old) and Shiri (5.5 years old). I have lived in Nahariya for about 10 years. I grew up in a moshav called Shtula, which is on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

I have a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate. I work in a Holocaust museum called the Ghetto Fighters' House in The Center for Humanistic Education. A variety of people and groups visit the museum and the humanistic center: Jewish and Arab high schools, colleges, educational institutions, groups from abroad, student exchange programs, security forces groups, and so on.

In my free time I enjoy going on trips, going to the beach, and taking pictures.

I joined the Women Leading a Dialogue project because the discussion of Jewish and Arabs is close to my occupation in my daily work at The Center for Humanistic Education, which refers to a person as a person in a humanistic approach. Moreover, I find challenge, thrill, and empowerment to be a part of a women's group. In my eyes, humanism is an inspiration that should be spread internationally.

Inbar Keren

I am 39 years old, married to Asher, mother of Itay (8 years old) and Ori (5 years old). We live in Kibbutz Adamit in the Western Galilee for the last 3.5 years. We both grew up in the Krayot near Haifa but when we became parents, we knew we would have to move to a different place in which we want to raise our kids. Our kibbutz is located on the top of a mountain, very close to the Lebanese border, neighboring a Bedouin village called Arab El Aramshe. It is a very peaceful place and there are not many citizens living here so it created a very small and unique community.

I work as an independent, in a clinic I have at home, as a beautician. I also studied and practice Chinese acupuncture and body massage. On my free time, I like to do different types such as yoga, walks. I love listening to varied styles of music, traveling in Israel and abroad, picnics and camping with my family, and swimming in the sea.

I chose to join the Women Leading a Dialogue group because I believe that women are very powerful and are able to listen to each other and to create a true dialogue. I live very close to a Bedouin village and in order to continue leading quiet life I need to get to know my neighbors and they need to get to know me without having prejudice on both sides.

Limor Leibovich

I am 40 years old. I'm happily married to Ariel and we have 3 children: Amit, the older is 12 years old, Ido is 10, and Aday is 2 years old. I live in Shavy Zion in the West Galilee since 2006. My husband and I were looking for a community and a place to raise our children. I'm a biotechnologist engineer and I work in consulting in a food safety company that supports all food industries including Nestle, Dannon, Uniliver and Co. I love my job very much.

My family and I have volunteered for three years in the Birthday Angel non-profit organization. It's hard to believe that in modern Israel there are hundreds of children who can't celebrate their birthday because of financial hardship. We celebrate birthdays for children from age 6 until Bat Mitzvah. It gives us the opportunity to make someone else happy and like everyone else.

My hobbies are to play basketball, make DIY with my kids, ride a bike, and just hike in the beautiful gardens that we have in Israel. Last year we joined MASA ISRAEL that leads immersive international experience in Israel for young adults. We hosted a couple of young students for Shabbat and holiday and try to show them Israeli custom.

I came to Women Leading a Dialogue because I want to make a little change. I want to meet our neighbors especially the women and to prove that we have a lot in common. I want to educate my children to accept the other without judging! I believe that women can create a change and have the strength to do it. There is a known story in Liberian that a women leading a peace movement of LIberia Mass Action that brings an end to second Liberian Civil War in 2003. I believe in our strength as women and as the expression says: behind every man stands a strong woman.

Dafrit Idelson Levy

I was born in Tsfat, a city in Upper Galilee, my mother's place of residence before marriage. After the Yom Kippur War ended and my father returned, we returned to live in our hometown of Kiryat Bialik, a city near the city of Haifa.

In high school, I studied Architecture and Building Engineering. In my military service, I was a building inspector. After the military, I started to work in a building company.

I'm married to Liav and we have two beautiful daughters: Lihi (15) and Ayala (8). We live in Akko in a beautiful house with a big garden that my girls can play and run together in. Akko is a city where dialogue takes place every day.

I love to travel in Israel and abroad to see places, countries, cities, and different ways of living. I like to read a lot of books, see movies with my oldest daughter, and go to a special restaurant with my husband. I have been working as a building inspector for the Matte Asher regional council for the past five years.

In Women Leading a Dialogue, I realize my dream and believe that women can bring peace.

Fatma Mizel

I am 23 years old, a nursing student (final year). I work in a tourist site in Rosh Hanikra. I like to work in the tourist site in addition to nursing because I get the chance to meet new people from different cultures and nationalities which make me feel joy and could also enhance my ability to contain and deal with patients from different backgrounds in the future.

I live in a small Bedouin village in the north of Israel called Arab-El Aramshe, near the border with Lebanon. As a child, my parents taught me to accept and respect other cultures. We had a good relationship with Jews/Christians and others all the times.

I joined the Women Leading a Dialogue group to check and understand what others think since we live in a multi-cultured country; to find out similar strength we share as women and human beings, which could improve the connection between us; and of course to learn from the experience and valuable information of other, older women.

Abla Naim

I was born in Maalot-Tarshiha, a small village in Western Galilee. I have two sons and one daughter. I am Bedouin and part of a large family ("hamula") that counts 800 people, all living in the same neighborhood. I am proud to be the first academic of this family.

I finished high school and then got married at the age of 18. Right after getting married I studied Social Sciences at Bar Ilan University. I work at kibbutz Ein Hamifratz. I work with kids and help them go through difficult times and cope with emotional challenges. I love my job even though I am the only Arab on the team. I didn't know much about the Women Leading a Dialogue group when I first joined it. With every meeting that passed I would come home with a new challenge. I feel that I have a lot to give to the group, as well as a lot to learn from it.

Tanja Ronen

I live in Regba, a Kibbutz in the Matte Asher Western Galilee region. I am a teacher by profession, currently employed by the Ghetto Fighters' House Holocaust Museum as the director of the International Department.

I have a degree in political sciences. I have been active with the Partnership2gether since its beginning 15 years ago. I was the second president of the Women's Forum, a member of the team to build the "Friendly Room" emergency assault treatment room in the Galilee Medical Center, and currently a member of the Think Tank on Marketing, Volunteers, and Recourses team, responsible for the volunteers section.

Sivan Yogev-Glebman

I am 41 years old, married since 2006 to Lior. We have two lovely boys: Nevo (11.5 years old) and Yahav (7.5 years old). We live in Kibbutz Yassur, in the Western Galilee. I have a very strong connection to Kibbutz Yassur. My grandparents were among the established members in 1949 and I have been living in Yassur my entire life. I am very proud of my heritage, of raising my children in a green, safe, and supporting community, with very close ties to other kibbutz members, sharing ideals, hopes, and goals.

I completed my mandatory 2 years of army services, followed by studying education (focusing on younger age groups). I worked in the Kibbutz educational system until 2010. For the past few years, I have been working as the Kibbutz cultural and social activities coordinator, as well as the Kibbutz infirmary medical secretariat. I enjoy exploring my country and traveling, as well as cooking and the social aspects of Kibbutz life. My oldest son has Celiac disease, which fostered a home business venture of selling gluten-free vegan pastries. I am vegan by choice.

Why did I join Women Leading a Dialogue? I read and heard wonderful things in this journey, driving me to try to share my inner self with this endeavor. I feel that women together as a group share strength and power synergistic to their inner strengths. Women joining efforts and minds together can share understanding, despite differences in religion, appearance, or inner sets of values. Such understanding, based on us all being human, mothers, wives, who wish for happiness and safety to all, going through similar processes (regardless of looks or origin). I was raised to accept and support those different from me, and I wish to share such views with the group.