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Remembering the ND Villa During Fascism - A testimony from Giacometta Limentani, a former student of the Jewish school

Author: Costanza Montanari


“Fra queste mura allievi e maestri ebrei italiani espulsi dalle scuole pubbliche dalle leggi razziali del 1938 trovarono accoglienza e crearono una scuola di eccezionale livello culturale e umano” (“Within these walls, Italian Jewish students and teachers, expelled from public schools by the racial laws of 1938, found a shelter and created a school of exceptional cultural and human level”), reads the plaque located at the entrance of the garden surrounding the Notre Dame Villa in Rome. The commemorative plaque was placed on November 24, 2008, 70 years after Italian racial laws during Fascism were promulgated.…

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Update on events in Jerusalem

Author: Joya Helmuth

We are currently monitoring events in Jerusalem and the surrounding region, following the announcement by President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital during a White House speech on December 6. U.S. officials have indicated their plan to reinforce security at multiple American embassies across the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as in other areas around the world. Indications of protest and unrest have already been recorded and we expect they will continue for some time.…

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