Dyann Mawhorr

Communications and Systems Specialist

Dyann Mawhorr

My role: I am responsible for maintaining and improving the Study Abroad application system (myNDabroad) as well as the travel registry system, NDI’s registration system for international travel associated with the University. I handle any questions or issues related to both systems as well as general inquiries regarding NDI, Study Abroad, and travel registry. I am also responsible for training on both systems.

Why I find my work important: With the ever-changing landscape of ‘safe travel,’ I find it very important to help students, faculty, and staff make sure they are prepared as much as possible for whatever may come their way during their travels, whether international or domestic. The study abroad and travel registration pre-departure processes may seem tedious and cumbersome; however, the safest traveler is well-informed and well-prepared.

Professional background: I have been at the University for seven years in various roles, where I have gained experience and extensive knowledge of campus processes and systems.

Prior to my arrival at Notre Dame, I was a preschool teacher (where I honed my interactive skills with the younger generation) and worked with district managers and supervisors at Team Food Management, LLC, in various roles including accounts payable, payroll, insurance, advertising, inventory reporting, and sales reports..

Email Dyann +1 574 631 7414 • 105 Main Building