Susan Soisson

Associate Director of International Travel & Safety

Susan Soisson

My role: I educate faculty, staff and students in support of international education health and safety. This includes pre-departure orientations and resource development, emergency response, and developing well-informed, lifelong travel skills.

Why I find my work important: International education offers hope to the world so that options better than war and violence can thrive.

Professional background: I am a citizen soldier, simultaneously serving for 20 years as a professional educator at Notre Dame while serving 30 years in the U.S. Army. Currently, I am seeking retirement as a colonel based at the Pentagon. In both educator and military roles, I have traveled internationally and extensively. I have a master’s of business administration and certificate of entrepreneurialism.

My favorite place: anywhere that includes my favorite people (and usually food).

About me: After I returned from an Iraq deployment, my husband and I purchased a retreat center in South Bend. We have been hands-on renovators for several years, and are now ready to share a place for our community to grow and prosper.

Email Susan +1 574 631 9645 • 105 Main Building

Non Emergency Line (monitored consistently): +1 574 993 3293
Emergency Line (i-Message and WhatsApp accepted): +1 574 339 6154