Brigitta Richmond

Associate Director, Study Abroad

South Bend

As an Associate Director in Study Abroad within Notre Dame International, Brigitta Richmond advises students traveling to the United Kingdom and the Budapest Math program, working closely with students through each stage of the study abroad process. Brigitta leads the communication efforts within study abroad, the monthly newsletter to all undergraduate students, the student-focused podcast, the study abroad storytellers, and leading social media campaigns. She advocates for underrepresented students in study abroad; as a first-generation college student herself, she prioritized providing opportunities for students to share their stories through the student lens. In addition, Brigitta is actively involved in Diversity Abroad by leading a team of professionals in the Communities of Practice working group, Asia/Pacific Islands. She is an advocate for students and continues to move the team forward in creating safe spaces for students to share their stories.

Brigitta has traveled extensively in both her academic and personal life. She has lived in Austria, Hungary, and Romania and is fluent in Hungarian. As an immigrant and through her travels as a young child, Brigitta became passionate about international education early on. While she enjoys promoting study abroad to students, she is also an advocate for people finding opportunities to internationalize their careers. At a national level, she has been involved in the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Annual Briefing and Women in Security Conference, collaborating on the sexual violence awareness abroad project.

Brigitta holds two MAs in nationalism from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, and an M.A. in cultural anthropology from Ball State University.