Eamon Ormseth

Program Coordinator

Main Campus

Eamon Ormseth hails from Montana, where he grew up exploring its many mountains and rivers. He brings this passion for adventure to his role as program coordinator for the Jerusalem Global Gateway (JGG). Eamon supports the undergraduate program by providing logistical support for student recruitment and re-entry, among other duties. He also assists in event planning related to academic lectures and conferences facilitated through the JGG, and provides support to special projects related to the JGG and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute.

Ormseth has a longstanding interest in the Middle East, which he nurtured through degrees in history and central and southwest Asian studies at the University of Montana. After college, he worked in wilderness therapy and interfaith organizing before moving to Jerusalem for a year of service teaching English in a Palestinian Lutheran school through the Young Adults in Global Mission Program of the ELCA. In his spare time, Eamon enjoys reading, playing tennis, backpacking in the wilderness, and swing dancing.