Hong Zhu

Director, Global Engagement Programs


My role: I oversee our incoming summer short-term programs for international students (iLED, iSURE, iSAWT, etc.), semester programs for visiting international students (both exchange and ASAP), and the outgoing Global Professional Experience program and China Summer Engineering program.

Why I find my work important: A global perspective and understanding is essential to Notre Dame’s mission to cultivate students’ mind and spirit. When students have the knowledge of other world regions and cultures, are familiar with international and global issues, and have the competence to communicate in cross-cultural environments, we have prepared them to become engaged participants and future global leaders in an interconnected world. One way for Notre Dame to engage the world is by bringing international students to campus and sending Notre Dame students abroad. My work allows me to do both.

Professional background: International education has always been at the heart of my career. Prior to becoming Director of Global Engagement Programs at NDI, I managed study abroad programs for 10 years and was an international student advisor for three years at Notre Dame. Prior to joining Notre Dame, I taught English, Chinese, English as a Second Language (ESL) and education courses at different local universities and worked as Director of The Language Company–South Bend English Institute for nine years. I earned an Ed.D. and M.A. in English from Virginia Tech, and a B.A. in English from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

My favorite place: From the Loire Valley in France to the Acropolis of Athens, from the Shinto shrines in Kyoto to the night markets of Taiwan, and from the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong to the Garden City of Singapore, each place has its own uniqueness and beauty. And yet, no matter how far I have traveled and how many places I have visited, Beijing always stands out on its own, not just because of its opulent palaces, temples, and gardens, its rich history, its magnificent Great Wall, and the Tiananmen Square, but because of my roots that are forever connected to it.

About me: Seeing the transformative experiences from students through study abroad brings me the greatest satisfaction; watching a game of tennis is my favorite pastime; and holding a book while curled up in a comfy chair is my ultimate relaxation!

Email Hong +1 574 631 3229 • 105 Main Building