Melanie Maree

Assistant Director

Melanie Maree 02

My role: My primary role is to advise and support international students and scholars through their journey at Notre Dame. 

Why I find my work important: International education is an important tool in building a global understanding and respect for all societies. As part of the NDI team, I assist in the internationalization of the Notre Dame campus and support the larger goals of the university. 

Professional background: In most of my career, I have worked with the international population in one form or another. At the University of Central Oklahoma I assisted in H1-B processing and training of students and scholars from the HR side; at Oklahoma State University-OKC, I worked as an international academic advisor; and at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, I worked as an international admissions advisor. In my most recent position at Jackson College, I was able to use all of my previous experience to support the college’s strategic plan of internationalization as the director of the International Institute. In that position I was able to grow through multiple opportunities that included building international partnerships in Brazil and China, advancing study abroad programming, developing the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, and managing international programming for students, staff, and faculty.

I have a BA in sociology from Oklahoma State University, and a M. Ed. from the University of Central Oklahoma.   

My favorite place:  I have traveled to over 30 countries and to narrow it down to one place would be impossible.  In all of my travels I have found something that I have loved; the mouthwatering kabobs you find all over Europe, the super-fast trains in China, the excitement erupting in the streets during the World Cup in Brazil, waking up to the call to prayer in Qatar. I can say however, of all my travels, my favorite thing has been the people. As a foreigner, I have always been made to feel welcome and it is my hope to leave our guests feeling the same way.