Roy Bronkema

Assistant Director

Roy Bronkema

My role: I am an advisor for international students and scholars on immigration issues. My job is to assist international students in getting in and out of the U.S. successfully, and to help make their transition to life in the United States a less stressful one. I also assist Notre Dame faculty and staff in negotiating the myriad difficulties of bringing international citizens to work and study here at the University. In addition, I help the University fulfill its reporting requirements to the U.S. government on the international students and scholars here.

Why I find my work important: In meeting with students, scholars, and staff one-on-one, I find fulfillment in meeting their practical needs in an area which they often find confusing and frustrating. I am an advocate for International students, and can bring immigration expertise to bear on their individual situations. It is gratifying to meet practical needs, and to ease their frustration. It is also impactful on their economic and personal future, because they often take steps to stay and integrate into life in America permanently.

Professional background: I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Grand Rapids Baptist College. I have worked at Notre Dame in various capacities for 5 ½ years.

About me: I am a concert pianist and actor, and enjoy contributing in those capacities at the South Bend Civic Theatre, Clay High School, and other arts organizations around the South Bend area.

Email Roy +1 574 631 5243 • 105 Main Building