Matt Esau

Marketing Strategist

Main Campus

Matt Esau joined Notre Dame International as a Marketing Strategist in March of 2020. In this position, Matt collaborates with NDI colleagues to develop brand and marketing strategies for programs, facilities, and events across the globe. He also provides design support and creative guidance for NDI print and digital projects.

Prior to joining Notre Dame, Esau built a diverse creative and strategic skill set through work in higher education, the public sector, and marketing agencies. He also served as an Instructor of Graphic Design. Most recently, Esau was the Marketing Director with the City of South Bend Venues Parks & Arts Department, where he developed innovative marketing strategies for various programs and events, including the annual city-wide festival Best.Week.Ever.

Originally from Hillsboro, KS, Esau earned his B.A. in Graphic Design from Tabor College and B.A. in Music Performance from Bethel College (Kansas).

Outside of marketing, he enjoys playing and creating music. Esau also loves camping and exploring the outdoors with his wife and two daughters.