Megan Knobloch

Coordinator, Global Engagement & Faculty Partnerships

Main Campus

My role: As coordinator I manage short term non degree programs and support the American Summer Programs, Exchange Programs, Global Engagements and Faculty Partnerships. I am here to help the global engagement team function successfully as well as a point of contact for the visiting students throughout their pre-departure and abroad experience. 

Why I find my work important: My international experiences have completely changed my perspective and life goals. It is special to be a part of not only an international exchange, but providing international students with the opportunity to see all aspects on the University of Notre Dame, from our academics, values, sports and spiritual community. Growing this exchange is important for Notre Dame on a global level but also for the domestic students to engage in a diverse environment. I truly believe everyone benefits from cross cultural learning - it encourages personal growth, opening perspectives and becoming advocates for social change.

Professional background: I graduated with a B. A. in Psychology and minor in Biology from Saint Mary's College, Indiana. I studied for a semester in Maynooth, Ireland. After graduation, I lived and worked in Sevilla, Spain as well as in Reading, England. I have an intermediate conversational level of Spanish. I have worked as a program intern for two summers at Notre Dame International, and joined as global engagement programs coordinator in May 2018.

My favorite place: A few of my favorite spots include the hills in Howth, Ireland, Mirador de San Nicolas overlooking the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado, and my parents garden in Michigan.

About me: I was born and raised in the South Bend, IN area. One of my favorite things is meeting all the international students through our short term programs. I love learning as much as I can about other cultures and how we communicate, studying social psychology and cultural and linguistic anthropology in my spare time. I am obsessed with animals and enjoy spending time in nature, cooking and singing.