Paula Worhatch

Study Abroad Specialist

South Bend

My role: I coordinate office processes for Notre Dame International, with a concentration in Study Abroad. I am a good first point of contact for those with general questions on study abroad programs and the application process.

Why I find my work important: One measure of a well-rounded education is the opportunity for intellectual interchange with students and scholars from diverse backgrounds. To be involved in the process of enabling students to experience firsthand the cultural and intellectual environment of other countries is gratifying.

Professional background: I am a graduate of Duquesne University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Most of my career has been with nonprofit organizations ranging from land conservation to education, with a brief stint in retail banking.

My favorite place: Austin, Texas - except at rush hour.

About me: I find peace and joy in tending my flower garden and in creating flavorful and colorful vegetarian meals (and indulgent desserts!). Since childhood, the soundtrack for my daily life has been the music of Brazil in its many manifestations. My heart beats in the tempo of a samba.