Megan Whelan

Residence Halls I represent:
Badin, Dillon, Duncan, Howard, Knott, Ryan, Siegfried, Welsh


Why did you opt to serve as a Senior Fellow for Internationalization?

I wanted to be a part of the new Senior Fellow Initiative on campus because I wanted to increase my engagement within underclassmen. I specifically wanted to be a Senior Fellow for Internationalization because I knew the projects would be interesting and have a tremendous impact. I was also looking forward to working with NDI and meeting new people.

I hope to connect with International students and learn more about their unique cultures and experiences.

Talk about your international experiences and why they are important. How have they served you (academically, personally, professionally, etc).

While in college, I participated in the study abroad program in Rome during the summer of 2019. I also visited London, Belgium, and France during the fall of 2019 with my Great War and Modern Memory class. As a Marketing and History double major, I have been able to live and experience important historical events where they occurred which facilitates learning and understanding.

Why do you think it's important to focus on internationalization at the University of Notre Dame?

We live in a global world, and many of us will travel for work or for pleasure once we graduate from the University of Notre Dame. Having international connections and friends, will prepare Notre Dame students to meet nearly everyone that they will come across during their travels. Most importantly, I think having exposure to different people and places makes it easier to be kind even in difficult or stressful situations.