Travis Chiu

Why did you opt to serve as a Senior Fellow for Internationalization?

Hey everyone, my name is Travis Chiu. I am a senior living in Siegfried Hall and studying Economics. I wanted to be a Senior Fellow for Internationalization because it would allow me to learn from and engage with different cultures at Notre Dame.

Talk about your international experiences and why they are important. How have they served you (academically, personally, professionally, etc).

Personally, I am from Hong Kong but have lived and studied in many international schools including: Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Rhode Island, and now Indiana. This has allowed me to meet people from all backgrounds and hear from their unique outlooks. Developing a sense of internationalization has helped me in all aspects. In my personal life, internationalization has taught me to step away from what I am comfortable with and to appreciate those around me. Academically, understanding different teaching methods has allowed me to find my own learning style. Professionally, internationalization has let me be more in tune with world events and connect with my coworkers.

Why do you think it's important to focus on internationalization at the University of Notre Dame?

I feel that Notre Dame has put a strong emphasis on internationalization because it aligns with both the student’s and university’s goals in life after education. Leaving campus and going into the workforce, we will come across an increasingly diverse group of people. Being able to communicate and relate to individuals of all backgrounds will advance our career goals and the school’s mission of a complete education.