Christiane Buessard

Assistant Director, Study Abroad

Christane Bruessard

My role: I manage the study abroad programs in Francophone countries (France, Senegal, and Switzerland) and in Spain. A big part of my role is to inform and advise students of the specificities of each program, considering their background, personality, and goals, to help them determine which program would best suit their needs and interests. I then guide them throughout their experience. I also work with the Global Gateway Seminars for first year students, offered during the summer prior to their arrival on campus.

Why I find my work important: From my own international experience, I am convinced that a study abroad experience is transformative and life-changing. The University of Notre Dame is offering so many different study abroad programs—and is constantly expending its offering— that I think there is a perfect program for each and every student. I am happy to help students realize which program is for them, spark interest, and help them overcome their doubts.

Professional background: Before coming to Notre Dame, I worked with the French diplomatic services with a specialty in consular international agreements and French law. Through this position, I was posted in the United States, Uruguay, France, and Canada before finding a more permanent home at Notre Dame.

I have a B.A. in intercultural studies and applied languages from Paris West University Nanterre La Défense. I am trilingual in English, French, and Spanish.

My favorite place: There is no place like home. The Golden Dome, under which I work, reminds me of my favorite place on earth, the Rock of the Virgin Mary in Biarritz, France. This is a place not only to admire a beautiful panorama but also to meditate and feel humbled by the natural elements. For me, it’s home.

About me: I grew up in France in a beautiful coastal city of the Basque Country that I left to live a more international life. With my husband, who is from Spain, we are raising a wonderful culturally and linguistically-mingled boy. I also enjoy baking, running (to lose the calories of the baking), and experimenting with old techniques of film and instant photography.

Email Christiane +1 574 631 5203 • 105 Main Building