Kathleen Opel

Director, Study Abroad

Kathy Opel

My role: I am committed to helping to provide Notre Dame students with a diverse array of international education opportunities.

Professional background: Following my passion to see the world, I have been able to study, live, and work in diverse cultures and communities around the world. I have served as a student-teacher in the former Panama Canal Zone, a teacher/coordinator in the Outer Islands of Micronesia, a teacher in a Native Alaskan village off the coast of Alaska, the deputy director of instruction in the U.S. State Department-sponsored refugee education program in Bataan, Philippines, and now as the Director of Study Abroad at Notre Dame. In these roles, I have developed respect and an appreciation for the transformative effects of international education.

I earned a B.A. in English at Pennsylvania State University and an M.A. in communication at Fairfield University.

My favorite place: Some of my happiest moments have been skydiving over Panama, whale watching off the coast of Alaska, wandering through temples in Indonesia, scuba diving in western Pacific, and spending time with my family.

Email Kathleen +1 574 631 9525 • 105 Main Building