Tia Dacquisto

Program Coordinator/Advisor, Study Abroad

South Bend

Tia earned her BA in International Relations with an emphasis on Conflict and Foreign Policy from the University of Iowa. She studied abroad in American College of Thessaloniki, Greece and worked as a Study Abroad Correspondent for UI International Programs while abroad. Tia comes to NDI after having worked as a Global Enrollment Management Specialist for IES Abroad.

Through her experiences of living in Thessaloniki, Greece and visiting five other countries, Tia can attest to the immense personal and academic growth an international experience can provide. In her role, she wants to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and think critically about their cultural attitudes and perceptions in a global context.

As the Program Coordinator/Advisor for Study Abroad, Tia serves as the primary advisor for non-Notre Dame students who join our study abroad programs and helps grow those programs. She also provides administrative support for all summer study abroad programs, assists with social media, communications and events for study abroad, and manages all study abroad agreements.