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Notre Dame International makes the below informational webinars on "Students Abroad" available to parents of students traveling to or considering applying for education abroad programs to learn more about the preparation students receive before going abroad and the monitoring and response resources NDI offers while students are in their program locations.

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FAQs for Parents

Programs Abroad

Notre Dame students have many opportunities to gain an international experience. Study Abroad allows students to take classes and earn credits in an overseas location towards the completion of their degree.  Research, service learning or summer language courses, as well as internships or short-term programs are other rewarding ways to gain an international experience. Consult the different Study Abroad options offered by Notre Dame International and the many other opportunities offered by various units at Notre Dame and elsewhere.

Information on Study Abroad programs run by Notre Dame International:

International Travel

Notre Dame International’s Risk Management and Mobility Services offers information and ongoing training to students, faculty, and staff to mitigate the risk and maximize the benefits of traveling, studying, and living abroad.  Visit the Travel section of this website for helpful information for students and parents and guardians, including information on the Undergraduate International Travel Policy and the Travel Registry.  For more information, contact Susan Soisson, Risk Management and Mobility Services Program Coordinator at Notre Dame International.

Travel to and within International Programs

Before your student goes abroad on any Notre Dame-sponsored international program, we ask you to consider the traveling that your son or daughter expects to do before, during, and after his or her international program, and particularly if the program is of a longer duration—such as academic semester or year abroad. We encourage all students undertaking independent travel while abroad to monitor travel advisories and relevant safety information issued by the U.S. Department of State.

For those international programs where Notre Dame has on-site staff, students are asked to inform the local director of intended destinations if travel plans will take them out of the vicinity of the host city for more than a day. This is done on a voluntary basis as a matter of courtesy. As young adults, students are expected to be fully responsible for their safety and well being while traveling independently. Except for field trips planned by University personnel or their agents, students make their own decisions about destinations, route, accommodations, and modes of transportation used in independent travel.  

The University does not permit students enrolled in international programs to own, rent, or operate cars while abroad, with the exception of trips with visiting parents. We strongly discourage hitchhiking, and note that long-distance bicycle riding and motorcycling are activities that have proven to be hazardous due to differences in driving habits and rules of the road. 

Independent travel should take place during weekends or break periods only. Absence from classes or other extracurricular program events will not be excused due to independent travel issues.

Please take this opportunity to discuss issues relating to travel and travel safety with your son or daughter before he or she goes abroad. More detailed information here.