Bengal Bouts 84th Annual Tournament

Location: Joyce Center Field House

The legendary annual Bengal Bouts tournament will take place February 17th – March 2nd, 2014.

Football coach Knute Rockne first organized boxing at Notre Dame in 1920. Yet it is the purpose of raising funds for the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh that truly gave the Bengal Bouts its identity in 1931.  Coach Dominic “Nappy” Napolitano’s words, “Strong bodies fight, that weak bodies may be nourished” became the motto of the Bouts.

Notre Dame International will be cheering a little louder this year as one of its International Ambassadors and a member of FIND (Fostering Internationalism at Notre Dame), Liam Chan will be putting on the gloves.


Liam is a sophomore in Accounting and Energy Studies and here is why he is participating: "The mission of the Bouts is a proud tradition at Notre Dame, and I'm thankful that I'm able to contribute this year.  The thrill of the fight is combined with the spiritual satisfaction of service to others, resulting a wholly unique organization.  Please continue to support and pray for the Bouts and our work in Bangladesh!"

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