Transforming Development: New Actors, Innovative Technologies & Emerging Trends

Location: Hesburgh Center

The 6th Annual Human Development Conference
February 28 – March 1, 2014

The annual student-led Human Development Conference (HDC) at the University of Notre Dame brings together hundreds of students—from Notre Dame and universities across the country and around the world—who are passionate about development. They share their research experiences in the developing world and discuss the meaning of authentic human development from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Conference theme

This year’s theme is inspired by the idea that development is an evolving process. A widening set of stakeholders and rapidly advancing technologies raise new possibilities for the field. The conference will be a chance to reflect on both successes and failures in development, while analyzing opportunities created by these new trends.

Research Presentations

Students will present their research in the context of broader development themes, including environmental sustainability, resource instability, crime, gender, health, discrimination, and solidarity in development.  Participants will explore novel approaches to improving livelihoods and advancing human dignity.

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