Rome Seminar 2016: Rome and the Jubilee, 1300-2015

Location: Rome Global Gateway

June 9-24, 2016

Organized by an interdisciplinary team of distinguished professors at Notre Dame (Ingrid Rowland, Architecture and Classics; Heather Hyde Minor, Art, Art History & Design; Margaret Meserve, History; and Robin M. Jensen, Theology), the Rome Seminar 2016 will use the study of Jubilees, past and present, as a focus for tracking Rome’s changing fortunes as a religious and political capital, to discover how its mission as a destination for tourists and pilgrims has shaped the face of the city and the growth of its public institutions. 

Each year since 2011, the Italian Studies Program at Notre Dame, along with the Nanovic Institute for European Studies and in collaboration with various other departments and univeristies, has sponsored an annual seminar in Rome. This interdisciplinary seminar brings together graduate students and junior faculty members from Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the rest of the world.

For full information on the 2016 Rome Seminar, please visit this page.