Legal Protection of Sacred Places: Lessons from History


Location: Jerusalem Global Gateway

This is the final session of an international conference on the protection of sacred places and cultural heritage. The conference is co-sponsored by several institutions, including the Oxford Journal of Law & Religion and the Jerusalem Global Gateway and will gather high-level groups of religious leaders, academics, lawyers, and policy makers from diverse backgrounds. It aims to bring awareness to the existing challenges and tensions surrounding the use of sacred places, discuss innovative approaches to substantive law and foreign policy, and broaden the perspective of key stakeholders and experts. 

Speakers for the special session will include Anthony O’Mahoney, director of the Centre for Eastern Christianity at University of London, and Merav Mack, research fellow at the Hebrew University Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

All are welcome to attend this session. For more information, please e-mail no later than 8:00 PM on Wednesday, March 16. Directions to Tantur can be found at