Joint Notre Dame/La Sapienza workshop on lie theory and cluster algebras

Location: Rome Global Gateway

October 17-21, 2016

This workshop aims to bring together leading researchers from the mathematical fields of Lie theory and cluster algebras for a joint research. Historically these fields have benefited greatly from their mutual interactions. Indeed, cluster algebras inform, and have their foundations in, an understanding of totally positive matrices and canonical bases coming from classical Lie theory, but they have grown beyond these foundations to explain a vast array of positivity phenomena across all of mathematics, including mysterious connections to mirror symmetry in algebraic geometry and string theory in mathematical physics. Their appearance in so many different branches of mathematics notwithstanding, cluster algebras exhibit their strongest interaction with Lie theory. The main aim of the proposed workshop is to push further this interplay between Lie theory and cluster algebras and to strengthen the bond between the Departments of Mathematics at Notre Dame and at La Sapienza. 

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