Symposium-Technology-enhanced Warfare: Philosophical, Ethical, and Psychological Considerations

Location: Rome Global Gateway

October 17 - 18, 2017

Building on two foundational workshops already organized by a newly formed collaborative research group involving faculty from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Zurich, a follow-up symposium will be hosted at the Notre Dame Gateway Facility in Rome. The topic for this symposium is: “Technology-enhanced Warfare: Philosophical, Ethial, and Psychological Considerations,” which will encapsulate the issues considered in the two workshops and extend the consideration of these important topics. The symposium will involve participants from Notre Dame, the University of Zurich, and other American and European universities, along with US and Swiss military/humanitarian personnel, all of whom share an interest in the broader philosophical, ethical, and psychological effects of modern technology-enhanced warfare.
The symposium ​is expected ​to produce the following key outcomes:
1. An edited book based on papers delivered by participants.  
2. Enhanced visibility of Notre Dame in the conversation related to technology-enhanced warfare.
3. Enhanced collaboration possibilities among the participants based on common research interests related to technology-enhanced warfare.