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The Past in the Present: Socially Engaged Archaeology


Location: London Global Gateway

On Friday April 5th at 9:30 a.m, the London Global Gateway and the Museum of Migration in London with its associated community groups, present five papers and discussion based around the theme of socially engaged archeology.

It is the culmination of a new course designed and run by Fay Stevens (Adjunct Assistant Professor, London Global Gateway), as an initiative supported and funded by the University of Notre Dame Centre for Social Concerns and the London Global Gateway. The course explores the roles community based and socially engaged archeology can play in the construction and re-construction of identities, exploring issues of heritage, material culture, history and belonging through critical lenses of local and global,migration, value, pedagogy and the role museums play in the construction of certain histories.

You are warmly invited to hear the outcomes of innovative and thought provoking student research and take part in the conversation.


Schedule and provisional paper titles

9:30-10:00 Welcome and coffee
10:00-10:15 Introduction: Fay Stevens
10:15-10:30 Accessibility of Identity: the role of hair in migrant cultures,Shannon Falkenberg and Dillon Wintz 
10:30-10:45 Memories of Two Homes: How childhood migration affects the growth and development of children, Vanessa Li and Emma Scheibel
10:45-11:00 The Politicized Life of the Windrush Generation, Edward Johnson and Allison Meskill 
11:00-11:15 "Borderless Bites": An in-depth analysis on how food affects and is affected by migration,Carter Collins and Clare Durkin
11:15-11:30 What if? An interactive journey following the adaption of migrants, Cassandra Anzalone, Caroline Guirgis and Valentina Rojas
11:30-11:50 Conversation
11:50-12:00 Summary : Fay Stevens and Liberty Melly (Museum of Migration)