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Who cares for whom? The division of household and care work in Mexico throughout the life cycle.

Estela Rivero
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Estela Rivero is a research associate in Notre Dame’s Pulte Institute for Global Development. She has extensive expertise in conducting research aimed at improving social interventions and programs. Dr. Rivero has worked around the globe on topics related to violence prevention, migration, education, youth, and the care economy. She has extensive experience in Mexico evaluating the outcomes of education initiatives and understanding the household labor. Dr. Rivero received her PhD in demography and public affairs from Princeton University.

Dr. Rivero’s talk will consider how, as in most countries of the world, women in Mexico are responsible for the majority of housework and care activities. These responsibilities limit women's opportunities for engaging in paid economic activities that provide them with financial independence and leverage their bargaining power in household decisions. Additionally, by having to juggle multiple roles, women usually see their leisure and resting time affected. Dr. Rivero’s presentation will examine how household chores and care work are distributed among household members throughout the life cycle and the implications of this distribution.

The Mexico Virtual Lecture Series is a weekly event highlighting the current work and partnerships between the University of Notre Dame and Mexico. Lecture topics include economic development and public finance, medicine and culture, and the spread of vector-borne diseases in Mexico. 

The series is intended for a general audience and can be viewed via Zoom. Pre-registration for the session is requested and the Zoom link will be made available once registration is received. 

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