Global Gateway Research

Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards

The Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards (GGFRA) provide annual funding up to $50,000 USD to support faculty research and fellowships. The grants are open to full-time, regular faculty from all Colleges, Schools, and fields of discipline. The purpose of the grant is to support internationally significant individual faculty research projects and/or collaborations with locally-based research academies, universities, or research groups.

This program, funded by Notre Dame Research (NDR) and Notre Dame International (NDI), aims to highlight the potential of Notre Dame’s Global Gateways for the advancement of research and scholarship at the University. Projects should showcase the very best of Notre Dame scholarship in a project with multiple participants, an exciting program, and high international visibility. They should either lead to a significant outcome within the grant period or serve to initiate a new and promising long-term international partnership. In addition to NDR and NDI, the program is generously supported by the College of Engineering and the Keough School of Global Affairs.

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The Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards are not being offered this year.