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Kylemore Abbey Global Centre Research Partnership Program

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The Kylemore Abbey Global Centre is pleased to announce the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre Research Partnership Program. The goal of this Program is to partner with on-campus centers/institutes on research initiatives which can benefit from the resources of the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre. The purpose of the Program is to support internationally significant research projects and/or collaborations with locally-based research academies, universities, or research groups in the locale of the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre. Collaborators from institutions in other areas of Ireland may also be included on projects.

Projects would showcase research/scholarship supported by on-campus centers/institutes with an emphasis on the initiation of international partnerships or strengthening a nascent one with researchers/scholars based in Ireland.


Funding is available for a variety of collaborative ventures and must include among its activities an event (e.g., series of meetings/colloquium) hosted at the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre. Involvement of graduate students is highly recommended. Funded activities might include the following:

  • Initiating collaborative research projects
  • Sponsoring faculty research-based lecture series at Kylemore
  • Meetings at Kylemore to advance joint research projects already in progress
  • Sponsoring or attending research conferences, colloquia, workshops hosted at Kylemore

Funds from NDI for individual proposals will not exceed $10,000, with matching cost sharing provided by the partnering campus unit.

Please note that current University International Travel Policy and note that all University supported international travel must be approved in advance by the relevant faculty’s Dean or Vice President. In addition, once approved that travel must be registered here.

Eligibility/Grant Requirements

Full-time regular members of the Notre Dame faculty, library faculty and special professional faculty who are active members of centers/institutes are eligible to apply.

The University of Notre Dame seeks to attract, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty, staff and administration. The University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to building and supporting a culturally diverse workplace. It strongly encourages proposal applications from female and minority faculty candidates


Full details of all anticipated costs/activities must be clearly itemized. Budget justification is required.

Eligible Expenses
  • Travel expenses* for faculty and students to meet, plan research and review research results
  • Costs associated with organizing meetings and workshops (e.g., rooms, catering, etc.,)
  • Assistance from a graduate student or undergraduate student **.
  • Computers, Equipment
  • Tuition fees or stipends

*For budgeting purposes, the average cost of accommodation (per room per night) is $140 at Notre Dame and $185 at Kylemore (including breakfast). Flights between Indiana (ND) and Irish airports vary in cost throughout the year but are on average around $1150 per person (return)when booked in advance.

**A graduate or undergraduate student assistant must be involved in the faculty’s research and writing in ways that contribute to the student’s intellectual formation.

Ineligible Expenses

Please Note: NDI will reimburse according to the following per diem allowances:

  • 1-10 days - Up to 100% of the US State Dept. per diem for international travel
  • 11+ days- Up to 50% of the US State Dept. per diem for international travel

Application Guidelines

Each proposal must include the following items:

  • Cover Page identifying the project director(s) and the partner on-campus unit
  • Abstract of the proposed project
  • Description of the proposed project (maximum 800 words)
    • The objective of the project
    • Identify the center/institute co-sponsoring the project and their commitment to the proposed project
    • Background, previous work and/or motivation as appropriate
    • The project approach and methodology
    • Outcomes, including plans for publication and how the project will promote or augment international collaboration
    • The anticipated time schedule
  • Budget and budget justification
    • Provide a letter from the partner on-campus unit with a guarantee of matched cost-sharing
    • Supply a detailed budget identifying and justifying all anticipated expenditures using the provided budget template
    • Provide a rationale for proposed travel
  • COVID contingency budget - Submit a budget estimate of contingency costs that would arise should any and all of the research travelers included in the proposal, be precluded from return travel due to a quarantine based on a positive COVID test when away from ND
  • Letter of endorsement from Director of Institute/Center
  • Letter from research partner(s) in Ireland stating the intent to collaborate on the stated project
  • Curriculum vitae: (2-page maximum, current) for each faculty member listed on the cover sheet as project director. If graduate students and/or undergraduate students are included in the project as collaborators, describe their qualifications

Selection of Projects

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee according to the following criteria

  • Quality of the proposal, including its potential for a sustainable collaboration in the locale of the Kylemore Global Centre
  • Reach: breadth and depth of impact of the proposed project
  • Consistency with Notre Dame strategic goals and mission
  • Budgetary appropriateness


For more information about Kylemore Abbey Global Centre and relationships with universities in Ireland please contact:

Lisa Caulfield

Kylemore Abbey Global Center

For more information about NDI’s faculty engagement and research programs, please contact:

Geraldine Meehan
Director of Faculty Engagement
Notre Dame International
Phone:  574 631-7742