ND - UC|Chile Joint Research Award Resource Links

The following links are provided to assist in identifying relevant resources at both ND and UC|Chile. They are not exhaustive and faculty are encouraged to use these links as starting points only.

Global Environmental Change

With sustainability being an urgent global challenge, we invite proposals that focus on the environment from interdisciplinary perspectives which include, but are not limited to science, STEM, social science, and the arts and humanities. In addition, proposals that engage the economic, political and/or cultural systems related to environmental change are also welcomed.

Notre Dame UC|Chile

Global Affairs

Grant proposals that address and seek to advance social challenges within Chilean society are encouraged. While not an exhaustive list, public policy related to education, democracy, social cohesion and equity, and health are of particular strategic interest.

Notre Dame UC|Chile

Astrophysics and Astro-engineering

Proposals that focus on theoretical and observational astrophysics are welcome. Cosmology, ground-based optical astronomy, space science, in addition to technological, computational, and aerospace problem-solving and design, are also areas of interest.

Notre Dame UC|Chile

Natural Disasters

Research into the understanding of any or all aspects of natural disasters including contributing factors, mitigation and prevention is welcome.

Notre Dame UC|Chile

The Arts

Collaboration between ND and UC|Chile in the Arts is encouraged whether that be through projects of creative expression/imagination or through research.

Notre Dame UC|Chile