ND - Durham Seed Grant Awardees

2021-2022 Awardees

Notre Dame Led

McClarren, Ryan
Seaid, Mohammed

Departments: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (ND), Computational Mechanics (Durham)
Research: Improved Solar Energy Collection Using High-Fidelity Radiative Transfer Modeling

McGillis, Wade
Bovolo, Isabella

Departments: Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (ND), Geography (Durham)
Research: Carbon farming by enhanced chemical weathering: scientific surveillance, monitoring, and verification of CO2 sequestration performance

Rocha, Adrian
Baxter, Robert

Departments: Biological Sciences (ND), Biosciences (Durham)
Research: Assessing the resilience and vulnerability of the Arctic biome to change through international collaboration

Durham Led

Horton, Julian
Smith, Peter H.

Departments: Music (Durham), Music (ND)
Research: Tradition and Innovation: A Corpus Study of First-Movement Form in the Nineteenth-Century Violin Concerto

Mackay, Helen
Berke, Melissa

Departments: Geography (Durham), Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (ND)
Research: Characterising the long-term resilience of Arctic herd herbivores and their terrestrial habitats to climate change

Thomas, Edmund
Pierattini, Alessandro

Departments: Classics and Ancient History (Durham), School of Architecture (ND)
Research: Solar Technologies of Antiquity: Ancient and Historical Technologies for Climate Action and Energy Conservation