The Insider Project Awardees

2017-2018 Awardees

Barron, Ted

Department: Film, Television and Theatre
Research: Munich International Film Festival
Country: Germany

Davis, Keith

Department: Physics and Digital Visualization Theater
Research: Presenting at the International Planetarium Society Meeting
Country: France

Onyango, John

Department: School of Architecture
Research: ND-Zero Energy Mass Customized Homes (ND-ZenMass)-Mission trip to Japan
Country: Japan

Pabsch, Matthias
DellaRossa, Denise

Department: German and Russian and Languages and Literatures
Research: Berlin SONAR: Architecture and Design in Contemporary Germany
Country: Germany 

Ruiz, Jason,

Department: American Studies
Research: Beyond Narcos: Colombia from the War on Drugs to the Coming Peace
Country: Colombia

Venter, Anre

Department: Psychology
Research: Ethnic Identity Minority versus Majority Ethnic Identity Development: A Cross Cultural Examination
Country: Vietnam 

Walsh, Kevin

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Research: Natural hazards risk, life cycle analysis, and economic consequence of masonry building loss in an Alpine fault earthquake: A Short-term faculty-student collaboration opportunity for undergraduates in New Zealand
Country: New Zealand