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Teach at the London Global Gateway

Notre Dame International is pleased to offer an opportunity for Arts and Letters faculty to participate in the London Global Gateway (LGG) and teach within the London undergraduate study abroad program for one semester.

We welcome applications from tenured faculty who are interested in teaching at the Gateway while also pursuing a current research agenda. ND Visiting Faculty members would be expected to engage in the UK and LGG academic communities by, for example, participating in and attending biweekly faculty research seminars, as well as provide occasional and limited but important services to the community as requested by the LGG leadership.

Application Requirements

  • A cover letter articulating your reasons for applying; how your research and teaching might be enhanced while in the UK. The cover letter should also include course proposals and a proposed academic event to be hosted at the LGG, e.g., lecture, symposium, conference, etc.
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s Department Chair.
  • A brief CV will also be required.

Apply Here

Timeline for Applying

Please note that the call for applications will take place yearly to select faculty for a position not in the following academic year, but the year after.

Applications open 15 October
Applications close 5 January
Faculty notified of decisions 28 February

Faculty Accommodation

Flats vary in occupancy capacity and as allocations are based on a variety of factors, we cannot guarantee specific flats until a few months before your arrival. Please note that the flats are very small by American standards and not serviced, you will be responsible for your own domestic arrangements, including cleaning and laundry during your stay.


If you have questions regarding the program, please email