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Study Abroad program in Chile

Since 1992, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile has hosted significant numbers of Notre Dame undergraduates through a robust and immersive study abroad program. Approximately 40 students take part in the program each year. Having begun as a consortium with other Midwest universities, the PUC-Notre Dame study abroad program was independently established in 2007 and has since become a model for successful language and cultural immersion experience. Read more

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The Alliance for Catholic Education in Chile (ChACE) is a post-graduate program, facilitating the opportunity for teachers with a master’s degree to teach English as a Second Language in Santiago. Since 2000, when Notre Dame initiated the program in partnership with St. George’s College, groups of around five ChACE students arrive to Chile each year, and many reamin in Chile after completing the program. Former ChACE teachers work at Saint George, Villa Maria Academy, Santiago College, and the Grange. The friendship and history of collaboration between Fr. Tim Scully, C.S.C., Hackett Family Director of the Institute for Educational Initiatives at Notre Dame, and many Chilean scholars, business, political, religious and social leaders, presents further opportunities.