Notre Dame Law School

Santiago 1

In March 2012, officials signed an agreement between the Notre Dame Law School and PUC Law School facilitating faculty and student exchanges. We have the challenge to make this agreement come live. So far only two students, one from PUC and one from Notre Dame, participated in an exchange experience during 2012-2013. In May 2017, Paolo Carozza will visit Chile to participate in an international advisory committee for the PUC Law School. This will provide an opportunity to bolster the cooperation in law.

The PUC Law Faculty and Notre Dame Law School (through the Center for Civil and Human Rights) are collaborating in the area of human rights law, including a joint collaboration between Notre Dame, PUC, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San José, Costa Rica, with the intent to produce significant scholarly and student exchange and to strengthen the regional human rights system of the Americas.

Chris Cervenak, program director of the Notre Dame Law School’s program on law and human development, visited Santiago for a week in January 2012 to strengthen existing links and identify new venues for collaboration and internationalization for the NDLS.  Dean Guerrero followed through with a visit to ND and subsequent meetings in April 2012 with Paolo Carozza and other Law School faculty. Other exchanges include that of Roger Alford, who visited Chile in 2013, invited by Sebastián López, to participate in a CONICYT research project.  Professor López later visited ND for a month in April 2014, funded by a Luksic Award. Alejandra Precht, a PUC Law School professor, specializing in indigenous law visited Notre Dame from December-February 2014.