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Luksburg Foundation Collaboration Grants

In June 2013, the University of Notre Dame inaugurated the Andrónico Luksburg Collaborative Grants Program to promote and expand collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. With an annual investment by the Luksic family of $120,000 since 2012, Notre Dame has expanded dramatically the breadth of Notre Dame's research, teaching, and service missions in Chile. 

Since the program’s inception, Luksburg grants have funded more than 20 projects at Notre Dame with awards totaling over $250,000 and spanning various colleges and disciplines. An analogous program was established at PUC to promote collaboration with Notre Dame, along with other Catholic universities. Through their collaboration with PUC colleagues, Notre Dame faculty have worked with new instruments, data, and geography, contributing in substantial ways to the creation of new knowledge. Some of the funded projects have supported collaboration with faculty and students of other research institutions while other projects have engaged high school teachers. Both programs have been critical to the initiation and expansion of new partnerships and areas of shared development.

Beginning in 2017, the Luksburg Foundation is contributing $100,000 a year for five years to promote faculty exchange and collaborative research work between Notre Dame and PUC. The program provides grants for faculty and Ph.D. students to travel to Chile and work on research projects. A similar agreement was signed with the PUC to promote collaboration with Notre Dame for the next five years.

Becas Chile Program

Becas Chile, a government-sponsored scholarship program, encourages prospective Chilean students to pursue a master's degree or Ph.D. at any of the top 100 universities in the world. Following the efforts of university leadership former Dean of the Notre Dame Graduate School Greg Sterling and his colleagues at the University secured an agreement with Becas Chile, facilitating the opportunity for Chilean students to undertake graduate studies at the University. The program pays full tuition costs to Notre Dame, plus living, travel, insurance, and spouse support expenses. Since 2010, Becas Chile has provided approximately USD 925,000 directly to Notre Dame for tuition fees, and about USD 76,000, indirectly for living and other expenses for students, totaling over a million USD over the last six years.

Notre Dame Alumni and Friends Club of Chile

In August of 2014, the former director of Notre Dame’s International Alumni Relations Program Eugenio Acosta visited Chile. His visit served as a catalyst to solidify the Notre Dame Alumni and Friends Club of Chile.

The current leadership of the ND Club of Chile is as follows:

  • Pedro Pinedo, President 

  • Miguel Huerta, Vice President 

  • Gonzalo Brenner, Secretary

  • Susana Perez, Treasurer

  • Fernando Diez, Communications

The leadership of the Club has managed to have regular meetings and coordinate game watches, videoconferences, masses, and social activities. The Club’s vision focuses on six Cs: continuing education, community service, current students, camaraderie, Catholic spirituality, and communications.

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