São Paulo

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The University of Notre Dame is committed to expanding and deepening the University’s academic engagement in South America. Established in March 2016, the São Paulo Global Center is the base for expanding the University’s academic programs and collaborations with universities, corporations, foundations, and government organizations throughout South America. 

Specifically, the Center aims to:

  • Further education abroad by supporting the development of innovative short-term and traditional academic programs, service-learning programs, internships, outbound research programs, and dual-degree programs and with our partner universities in the region.
  • Increase our institutional partnerships by developing corporate-sponsored research programs and academic programs with foundations.
  • Strengthen international faculty collaborations and exchanges by developing academic programs with the best universities in the region, as well as develop research initiatives and faculty grant programs.
  • Support the internationalization of campus by enhancing recruitment for NDI summer programs, developing traditional inbound programs, and increasing the number of international students and scholars on campus.


University of Campinas (UNICAMP) A memorandum of understanding was signed between Notre Dame and UNICAMP in 2013 to promote faculty and student exchange and research. UNICAMP has 24 units comprised of 10 institutes, 14 schools, and 22 interdisciplinary centers that conduct research and outreach on topics ranging from dance to computing to education. One of the current initiatives with UNICAMP is the LVI@ND (Laboratório de Vivências internacionais / Laboratory of International Experiences) program. In the past two years, Notre Dame students from the College of Applied Sciences have attended UNICAMP for this program which included leadership seminars, company site visits, and lab classes.

University of São Paulo A memorandum of understanding was signed in February 2017 to foster faculty and student exchange at any of the nine campuses in the state of São Paulo.

“Let me assure you, the compass at Notre Dame now points south. The orientation is critical for understanding the changing demographics of the United States. It is critical for higher education. And it is critical for the future of the Catholic Church in the United States…It is also critical in confronting economic and social issues of the Americas, South and North; and in supporting Catholic education in both hemispheres.”

-- Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.