Class of 2018

Yuchen Zou
Zhipeng Cheng
Ziyu Cui
Yong Woong (Andrew) Cho
Louis Liu
Guohui (Mary) Shi
Yi Lok (Joey) Tsang
Shuyang Wang
Yilong Yang

Yuchen Zou

Yuchen Zou

Northeast Yucai School, Shenyang
Li Ka Shing Foundation Full Scholarship Recipient

I am a senior majoring in economics, ACMS and political science at Notre Dame. In addition to the Greater China Scholars Program, I am also a member of the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program and the Glynn Family Honors Program.

In school, I am actively involved in the Student International Business Council (SIBC), where I served on the Board of Directors and completed multiple finance, consulting and international economic exchange projects. In addition to business, I did a volunteering internship at the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office last year, where I assisted in the non-profit legal aid process for child abuse and domestic violence victims. For the past three summers, the Greater China Scholarship and Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program (HYSP) have inspired and supported me to explore the world, reflect on my passion, and give back to local communities. In the summer of my freshman year, I traveled to Ecuador and interned for an economic empowerment non-profit called Social Entrepreneur Corps. The summer after my sophomore year, I traveled to Panama and did a case study on the local mining industry. I spent the past summer in New York City, working in the investment banking division at J.P. Morgan as a Summer Analyst. I will work as a full-time investment-banking analyst at J.P. Morgan in New York after graduation.

I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland for a semester in spring 2017, where I took economics and math classes at University College Dublin and served as a semester-long volunteer for Special Olympics Ireland. I am grateful for the opportunities and support I have received from Notre Dame and the Greater China Scholars Program.

Zhipeng Cheng

Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing

In high school, I received several AP credits, participated in science competitions such as Google Science Fair, and became a certified lifeguard.

Currently, I am a junior aerospace engineer. I am a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I am on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team, where team members and I compete at a NASA rocket competition composed of several phases of designing – PDR, CDR and so on, the construction and launching of sub-scale rockets, and eventually the official launch in Huntsville, AL. I am on the Airplane Team as well, where my team participates in a nationwide competition to design a plane that best carries out given missions. With all the practice from my classes and the club activities, I am certified in machining, and skilled at programming with MATLAB, doing FEM analysis, and CAD/CAM modeling.

Thanks to the holistic education at Notre Dame, while learning the knowledge of science and engineering, I also gained a deep understanding of the relationship between science and theology, greatly improved my professional ethics as an engineer, and most importantly, strengthened my commitment to community service. For instance, I taught local kids in elementary school how to build paper rockets, and participated in various other educational or voluntary works on campus.

I plan to study abroad in Berlin next summer, and I wish to further pursue my interest in aerospace engineering and astronomy in graduate school.

Ziyu Cui

Ziyu Cui

High School Affiliated with Nanjing Normal, Nanjing

I am from Nanjing, China. I am a double major in finance and FTT (film, television and theatre) with a film concentration.

In high school, I worked for the 2014 Asian Youth Olympics and the 2015 Youth Olympics to help run a series of events and projects that focused on communication, advertising, and gathering ideas from around the world. I also devoted myself to service and academic research.

At Notre Dame, I have had great opportunities to explore my mind and possibilities for the future. Through various activities on campus, I found my true passion in film producing and have set my mind to developing a career in the film industry. I interned in film companies in both the US and China over the past two summers. I had opportunities to make my own projects, attend and participate in events such as film festivals and the American Film Market. I have also been able to work as an archeology volunteer with GCS's support.

I am truly grateful for all the support I received from Notre Dame and the GCS program. I hope to give back to the community as best as I can during my remaining time here.

Yong Woong (Andrew) Cho

Andrew Cho

Taipei American School, Taipei

I am currently pursuing a double major in marketing and Chinese and the University of Notre Dame.

At Taipei American School, I was an active member of various teams and organizations. I spent a total of four years on the volleyball team, four years in track & field, as well as four years as a member of the contemporary dance team. I was also part of the National Honor Society and Student Government at Taipei American School.

At Notre Dame, I have successfully taken part in multiple SIBC (Student International Business Council) semester projects. Some of the companies we worked closely with include: Target, Ogilvy & Mather, Diageo, and Wolf & Shepherd. Many of these projects involved solving real-world business problems, ultimately traveling to offices across the nation to present our findings. Outside business-related activities, I have also served as the multicultural commissioner of Keenan Hall. This responsibility involved sharing cultural insights and experiences with the Notre Dame community through cultural events hosted within the residence hall.

In the spring of 2017, I studied a semester abroad in Shanghai at East China Normal University. From this experience, I was able to take part in an accelerated Chinese learning program, as well as had the opportunity to experience a different culture first-hand.

As I conclude my final semester at Notre Dame, I can still say with full confidence that choosing to attend this institution has been the best decision of my life. Although I was initially hesitant to commit four years in South Bend, my time here has been nothing less than spectacular. The people, the faculty, the campus, and community has helped me grow tremendously in what seems to feel like such a short time. The intellectual and spiritual growth I have experienced here has been unparalleled and I am forever proud to be a lifelong member of the Fighting Irish.

Louis Liu

Louis Liu

Shanghai American School, Shanghai

I am a senior majoring in accounting with an international business certificate. I was born in Indianapolis but spent most of my life in Shanghai. I spent summers in the Bay Area for various academic summer programs. In high school, I cultivated an interest in economics and finance, earning academic awards for my AP economics and AP statistics classes. I was also highly involved in the music department, playing the viola in my school’s symphony orchestra and the International Honors Orchestra.

At Notre Dame, I was highly involved with the Student International Business Council’s consulting division, serving as a project leader for both PwC Management Consulting and Stax Private Equity Consulting. The summer after my sophomore year, I interned with the Colorado Enterprise Fund, analyzing credit risk and financial statements of small business borrowers. With these insightful experiences, I will be joining KPMG in its technology and venture capital transaction advisory practice in the Bay Area after graduation.

Aside from my future career, I co-founded an internationalization project called “Eat and Meet,” which brings students together around a table where they discuss their international experiences through the Center for Social Concerns and Campus Ministry. I studied abroad in London the spring semester of my junior year, during which I further honed my love and passion for traveling. Going beyond touristy activities, I strive to learn about the history and culture of the places I visit. Overall, Notre Dame is an extraordinary, tight-knit community with friendly people that I will have life-long relationships with even after graduation.

Guohui (Mary) Shi

Guohui Shi

Beijing No. 4 High School, Beijing

I attended Beijing No.4 High School and I am now a senior at Mendoza College, double majoring in accounting and Spanish.

In high school, I founded the first student-managed business on campus, BHSF café. We had a team of about 20 part-time student workers and held several successful events like reading clubs and alumni reunions. At Notre Dame, I am a member of the Fighting Irish Synchronized Skating Team. Practicing four times a week and attending collegiate competitions on weekends make my life extremely busy and fulfilling. It forces me to manage my time more efficiently in order to find a balance between schoolwork, skating and sleep. I studied abroad in Toledo, Spain during the spring semester of my junior year. Living with a host family, interacting with local people and having all classes in Spanish strongly improved my Spanish skills and provided me with a great opportunity to experience a different culture and explore more of the world. For the past summer, I also interned with Deloitte as a tax associate at their Atlanta office.

Notre Dame teaches its students how to become better people and engaged world citizens, as well as providing them with professional knowledge and skills. My eight-week summer experience at the Bethany Catholic Worker House in Rochester inspired a desire to participate in more community service in the future. Notre Dame offers us so many opportunities to explore who we are. I believe this four-year experience will be one of the most fulfilling periods in my life.

Yi Lok (Joey) Tsang

Yilok Tsang

Shanghai High School International Division, Shanghai

I am from Hong Kong and was an IB Diploma student at Shanghai High School International Division. I am currently a senior in the College of Arts and Letters, and my majors are philosophy and economics.

In my freshman year of high school, I founded the DIY Science Club in hopes of becoming an engineer/physicist. During my junior and senior years, I was the Photography Director of Highlight Magazine, a student magazine distributed to 14 different international schools in Shanghai. In my senior year, I was elected the head of the Media Department of the Associated Student Body. Throughout high school, I was also the lead singer of my rock band, performing at different venues and events in Shanghai, such as Rock for Charity.

At Notre Dame, I found my second family in the hip-hop group Project Fresh and I have enjoyed performing in shows such as Asian Allure and Latin X. During my sophomore year, I served as the Multi-Cultural Commissioner of my hall and was responsible for promoting cultural awareness and hosting events. I also took part in the Club Coordination Council, a branch of Student Government that oversees and represents more than 400 undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame. During my senior year, I joined Baraka Bouts, the Notre Dame Women’s Boxing club, and won the quarterfinals of the annual boxing tournament. I was initially drawn to Baraka Bouts not only because I wanted to challenge myself, but also because of their mission and the work that they have done for the children in Jyarusozi and Jinja, Uganda. Being able to fight for those who could not fight for themselves really kept me going in the ring during the most exhausting minutes of my life.

Notre Dame is a very loving community, and I really treasured my time and experience here. Go Irish!

Shuyang Wang

Shuyang Wang

Changzhou Number 1 High School, Changzhou

I am from Changzhou in the Jiangsu province. I graduated from Changzhou No.1 High School.

At Notre Dame, I am majoring in finance and applied computational mathematics and statistics (ACMS) and I am also a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program. During the past three and a half years, I participated a lot in Student International Business Council and various cultural clubs.

Last summer, I interned in the sales and trading division with Citigroup in New York City. This was a ten-week internship program where throughout the summer I rotated on three desks (by asset class) and learned how to conduct trading. Although the internship was exhausting because it required long-hours and high concentration, I was glad to have the experience. It not only helped me figure out my career path, but also taught me how to interact with people in a workplace. After graduation, I am very excited to be starting a full-time job with Citigroup, in the same division I interned.

During my first senior semester, I spent more time on Arts and Letter classes and read more books. In the past, as a business and math student, I focused more on the practical aspect of studying – doing homework, exams and looking for jobs. However, now I realize how important it is to give myself some time, just to read, and learn things from liberal arts classes like philosophy and theology. It gives me a break from life and opens a new door for me.

Attending Notre Dame was the best choice I have ever made. Notre Dame’s wonderful Mendoza College of Business provides various options for excellent courses and opportunities to meet experienced professionals. Additionally, I have received so much help from ND alums and I couldn’t be who I am today without their incredible help.

Yilong Yang

Yilong Yang

Experimental Beijing Normal High School, Beijing

I am currently a senior with a primary major in physics and a secondary major in economics.

My favorite leadership experience so far at Notre Dame has been my time spent on the ND Student Energy Board. As one of the core coordinators, I initialized the Student Energy Forum to facilitate conversations on our energy future. I enjoy working closely with my outstanding peers in this diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, all of whom have made a positive impact on me with their deep understanding of the importance of raising awareness of key energy issues and topics.

During the course of my undergraduate career, I have been encouraged and supported in my endeavors to apply for opportunities, awards, and grants of various kinds. With the fellowships supported by the Greater China Scholarship Program and by the College of Science, I had the opportunity to travel with Prof. Umesh Garg’s research group to Osaka University in Japan to conduct an experiment on nuclear structure. Due to the work completed at that time, we are in the process of preparing a publication with our results. For this research, I was awarded financial support to attend and present at the 2017 fall meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics at Pittsburgh, PA.

For the rest of my time at Notre Dame, I would like to make full use of the excellent resources provided by the university to pursue my academic interests, and form a solid foundation for my future career in science and technology.