Co-curricular Enrichment and Community-building Programming

As part of the University Merit Scholarship Programs, the Greater China Scholars are provided with numerous opportunities to explore their intellectual interests, develop the leadership capacity and engage in community service.

First-Year Ethical Leadership Course
Building Communities
Mentorship Programs

First-Year Ethical Leadership Course

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All first-year scholars are required to take the one-credit Ethical Leadership Course, which is a lecture and discussion series on the meaning of ethical leadership and the intellectual relationship between interdisciplinary scholarship and effective public service. The lecture and discussion series featuring distinguished guest speakers from the university, senior merit scholars, the broader academy, and the local community encourages scholars to become interdisciplinary thinkers and collaborative leaders across their diverse fields of study. Part of the course will involve public service immersion trips to organizations in the local community to learn about civic engagement, research, and internship opportunities.

“The Ethical Leadership Course was memorable, fruitful, and touched my heart. The lecture I found most interesting was a session on global inequality. The speaker illustrated how unfair the world could be, comparing African countries to more developed countries like the States and countries in Europe. The discussion illustrated how important the role of education is in shaping a world of equality. Another memorable session was the meeting with Father Jenkins, President of the University. It is a very precious opportunity to be able to meet Father Jenkins in person. He offered a lot of insights on the Notre Dame education. The class reminded me the most important reason of why I came to Notre Dame – the sense of a community and family. “ --Natalie Ying, Class of 2021

Building Communities

Throughout the academic year, the Greater China Scholars enjoy various opportunities of lectures and forums, networking, community service and social events, thanks to the partnership with many campus units including the Office of Merit Scholarship Programs, Campus Ministry, the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies, the Center for Social Concerns, and the Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement. The Scholars also learn about the Catholic faith, celebrate Chinese holidays together, and meet with invited alumni leaders who share their insights and experiences.

“I was looking forward to experiencing community services before I came to Notre Dame. After I learned about the Robinson Center through the first-year Ethical Leadership Course, I jumped at the opportunity of tutoring children from local primary school every Monday and Tuesday afternoon. It ended up being one of the most enjoyable time for me. One semester of the experience with the kids makes me realize that community services were not only doing something for the community but also being one of them. Now I am a member of the community. Community service is a process of mutual learning and growing more than just a unilateral dedication.” --Runzhi 'Tom' Song, Class of 2021

Tom Photo At Robinson Center    Photo With Ma Ying Jeou

As a member of the GCS Events Organizational Committee, I really appreciate the experience and touching moments brought to me by the GCS family. In 2017, we organized our first Chinese New Year dinner on the day of the Lantern Festival. It was the first time for me to truly have a sense of returning home since coming to the US for college. I took charge of the scenery and decorations by hanging lanterns and paper cuts. I was also the MC of the lucky draw, which is one of the moments that I still remember very well. I was so contented, as an organizer, to see everyone laughing so hard, without feeling any stresses or pressures. All of us live a very busy life at Notre Dame, but the Greater China Scholars community is a warm family where we can really slow down and enjoy each other’s company." --Kaiwen Wei, Class of 2019

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The Greater China Scholars experienced cherished opportunities to learn about leadership first-hand from the esteemed Ma Ying-jeou, the former president of Taiwan, Fr. John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, and the South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Mentorship Programs

All Scholars are invited to participate in a Peer Mentorship Program, in which the first year students are partnered with upperclassmen, to share experiences, resources, and enhance their fellowship. The Scholars can also participate in a Faculty Mentorship Program that provides the Scholars with a regular connection with faculty who can provide them with advice and access to academic and research opportunities.

“It has been a pleasure to participate in the GCS Faculty Mentorship Program. Working with Professor Nelson Mark was a very valuable experience to me. It provides me with an opportunity to apply what I have learned in class to real-life cases, by analyzing various economic data and making predictions. In addition to giving me insights on how data work in the economic field, Professor Mark has offered lots of inspirational advice for my college life. “ --Qiqi He, Class of 2020

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